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BGN Radio is coming to 97.5 The Fanatic!

Big podcast news!

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If you listened to the most recent episode of BGN Radio, you may have noticed a clue about the big news this week. Well, now it's official: Bleeding Green Nation's podcast is coming to the actual radio! We're very excited to be teaming up with 97.5 The Fanatic on a weekly basis this season. Here's more information from BGN Radio and 97.5 The Fanatic host John Barchard:

We are very proud to announce that BGN Radio has partnered up with 97.5 The Fanatic for football season!

It will be myself, James Seltzer and Brandon Lee Gowton (aka BLG) every Sunday morning from 8am -10am EST to get you warmed for some PHILADELPHIA EAGLES FOOTBALL! We couldn’t have done this without the support of the entire BGN community and your demand for more programming. In just under two years we have gone from a podcast with 300 listeners to being featured weekly on the one of the most powerful radio stations in Philadelphia. We owe a huge thank you to 97.5’s Matt Nahigian and Jason Myrtetus for this opportunity and putting this whole together. We couldn’t be more excited for the future of the show!

Our goal is to bring the same elements from the podcast into this badass live setting and have a lot of fun with it. We’ll be giving fantasy advice with some of the industries best people, grabbing player interviews, giving our NFL picks, breaking down a lot of the X’s & O’s and plenty more.

We are very excited for this next venture and I can’t thank the BGN community enough for all of the support from these last two years. This whole thing doesn’t happen without BLG, James Seltzer, Patrick Wall, Matt Dering, Mike Kaye, and Ben Natan. These are some of the hungriest guys in the business who are always willing to go the extra mile to make the show great. I feel so honored to be apart of this crew and this community of intelligent, crazy, critical and hilarious Eagles fans.

We kick these things off *this Sunday* WITH AN EXTENDED HOUR! 8a -11am! We will have a post up here on BGN when we are on and we’ll be chatting with you the whole way.

Thanks again BGN!

I echo everything John had to say above. It always amazes me how much the site has grown since I took over two years ago in September 2013. BGN went from 27 million page views in that Year 1 to now 64 million in Year 2. BGN Radio went from being a podcast we weren't even sure anyone was even going to listen to a full blown radio show now. This just proves the intense, dedicated passion of Eagles fans.

No need to worry about the regular BGN Radio recording schedule, by the way. We still plan to do at least two non-radio episodes per week. We'll still have the regular preview show and recap show each week. The BGN Radio show on 97.5 The Fanatic is just a great new addition to our format.

Thanks again for all of you support!


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