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Eagles Rumors: Philadelphia interested in Robert Griffin III if Washington Redskins cut him

So here's a fun rumor.

Not everyone might be excited about the prospect of Robert Griffin III to the Philadelphia Eagles, but according to one report it just might happen. Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report reports the Eagles are one of three teams who could be interested in Griffin if Washington releases him. The other two teams mentioned by Freeman: the Cleveland Browns and the Dallas Cowboys. Here's what Freeman had to say.

"The most important thing you need to know about Robert Griffin III —  it’s THE thing — the most important thing is that there are a lot of teams interested in him. They don’t necessarily want to trade for him. They want to see if Washington cuts him. And if they cut him, you will see teams go after him. And from what I hear from around the league, teams around the league, look for three big teams to emerge if that happens. [...] The second team, Philadelphia Eagles. Chip Kelly thinks he can make any quarterback into Joe Montana. [Philadelphia] is a natural fit there as well."

OK, so that reasoning is kind of weird, but Freeman isn't the first person to suggest Kelly could have interest in Griffin. Kelly had very high praise for Griffin last season.

On one hand, Griffin would be great for the Eagles because he'd be in a humbling situation. He wouldn't have to worry about starting or even being the backup. He'd be able to rehab his career as the third string quarterback behind Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez. Griffin would be an upgrade on the likes of Tim Tebow and Matt Barkley. He might be a reclamation project worth taking a no-risk flyer on.

On the other hand, Griffin probably doesn't want to go somewhere where he's going to be the third string guy. And while it seems like Washington is bound to move on from Grififn, there's still no guarantee he's going to be cut at this point.

It's easy to say something like Griffin to Philadelphia will never happen ... and that may very well be true. But then again, who thought Chip Kelly was going to sign Tim freaking Tebow? That's not to compare Griffin and Tebow as much as it is to say anything's possible with Kelly. Expect the unexpected.

In any case, it will be interesting to see where Griffin lands if/when Washington finally gives up on him. He's fallen so far from the special player he once used to be.

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