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Eagles News: Robert Griffin III and Chip Kelly together in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/1/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Would Robert Griffin III interest Chip Kelly and the Eagles? - PhillyVoice
Robert Griffin III
is probably going to be released by the Redskins, seeing as Washington named Kirk Cousins the starter, and Griffin's $16 million-plus roster option in 2016 is fully guaranteed if he gets injured. The Redskins most certainly do not want to be on the hook for that $16 million, and there's no way in hell any team is trading for Griffin and the contract that would come along with him. And so, as with any notable player with a big name who might become available, fans of the other 31 teams are going to ask, "Should (fill in the team) go get that guy?"

RG3's potential teams after Redskins exit: 4 bad fits, 1 ideal landing spot - Yahoo
People need to start recognizing that Chip Kelly has pushed his chips in on Sam Bradford, a player who has thus far shown signs of flourishing. Yes, the Eagles have tried to lock up Bradford long-term to no avail. But the effort says a lot. If Bradford has a monster season, you can expect the Eagles to hit him with the franchise tag and then work to get a deal done next offseason. And if that deal happens, Kelly's existence as coach becomes the only upside for Griffin choosing Philadelphia. He would get great coaching inside a best-case-scenario system, but what chance would he have at the starting job if Bradford, who turns 28 in November, gets paid next offseason? For Philadelphia to be an ideal spot, either Bradford would have to be an awful fit this season (and he's looking good so far) or he would have to leave town.

How Good? - Iggles Blitz
QB – Sam Bradford sure looks like the real deal. He has had limited time on the field, but has led TD drives every time out this summer. He has been smart and thrown the ball well. Sam showed he could take a hit and bounce right up. Think about this…Sam has about 30 plays under his belt in this offense. Matt Barkley has played 11 preseason games over three years. Which guy looks like he has been running this system his whole career?

Preseason Week #3- More of the Same - ChipWagon
And twice he hit Jordan Matthews on the corner route. On the first one, notice Clinton-Dix playing up in the box. The pre-snap read for this is telling Bradford that he's likely to get one-on-one on the post corner with a lot of field to work with. That is exactly where Sam goes.

Eagles Key Plays: How They Happened - Birds 24/7
Bird's-eye view: "[Sproles has] got a great feel for a lot of those choice routes, especially inside," Bradford said. "Like the one down the sideline on the wheel. We drew that up for that coverage to get him matched up with a linebacker. He ran a great route and made a nice catch."

Sam Bradford's sleeves are (obviously) a sign the Eagles will win the Super Bowl -
Among the 32 projected starting quarterbacks, only six (not including Bradford) currently rock the long-sleeve look.  Those six? New England Patriots' Tom Brady, Pittsburgh Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger, Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning, Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo, New York Giants' Eli Manning and Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers (although the length of his sleeves is debatable).

RB Mostert Making Most Of Chances -
Five yards deep. That was the point of no return for Raheem Mostert as he lined up deep to open Saturday's preseason game in Green Bay. Five yards deep. Mostert just wanted kicker Mason Crosby to give him a chance at a return ...

Barkley, Tebow in battle for No. 3 spot - Inquirer
After practice finished on Monday and Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez retreated to the Eagles' locker room, Matt Barkley and Tim Tebow remained on the field for a few minutes of extra work. Barkley and Tebow, in competition for the No. 3 job, must prepare for the final preseason game on Thursday. It will be a "big week" for those playing in the game against the New York Jets, coach Chip Kelly said. The game could determine which quarterback makes the roster.

Trey Burton showing Eagles he's more than just special teamer - CSN Philly
The quarterbacks threw me some really good balls, right on my body, really easy catches," Burton said. "I felt that everything went really well as an offense. We moved the ball well, and I was really impressed on how we scored right before halftime. Everything was just clicking on all cylinders."

The fallout over Terrell Suggs’ hit on Sam Bradford continued - The MMQB
I side with Suggs, who dived at Bradford because he wasn’t sure if Bradford was going to hand off or keep the ball on a read-option-appearing play in Saturday night’s Ravens-Eagles game. Suggs said if you’re going to call such a play for a quarterback with ACL reconstructions the past two seasons, you do it at your own peril. I absolutely agree with Suggs. Chip Kelly shouldn’t be putting Bradford in such a position to be hit violently anyway—and certainly not in a dumb preseason game.

Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles roster overhaul was about depth - The MMQB
A priority for the Eagles was not necessarily having one or two stars at the receiver or running back position, but a deep group of skill position players. They need to rotate in and out because of how much they run in the up-tempo offense, so Kelly prioritized a top-to-bottom upgrade to be able to call the same plays no matter who is in the game—something he didn’t feel like he could do in 2014

MMBM: Robert Griffin III selfishly steals last spot on bench - SB Nation
He came into the league spouting off puzzling faux-pilosophical phrases like some acient chinese philosopher, but ended up looking more like confuse-us. Now he has the nerve to take a spot on the bench from a teammate who is actually tired from playing. The drama never stops in DC folks. Just a bad teammate- is he graceful in defeat, yeah- DIS-graceful. But what else would you expect from a guy whose name literally transltes to "Robert Griffin ME-ME-ME."


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