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Cowboys fans disrespect America by flying banner over Eagles practice during National Anthem

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Remember that airplane banner Dallas Cowboys fans (and Greg Hardy) raised money to fly over Eagles training camp practice? Well, that happened today on Sunday.

The message reads: "We Still Dem Boyz. #SacksComin".

But before Cowboys fans can gloat about this, they should probably realize that their attempt to troll the Eagles came at a terrible time. The U.S. National Anthem was still being performed as the plane flew over practice here, where the Eagles are honoring members of the military today. America's team hates America, apparently.

Following the conclusion of the anthem, and to no surprise, Eagles fans reacted with a resounding "Dallas Sucks!" chant.

Eagles fans are planning to fly a banner of their own over Cowboys practice today as well. The message will read "We Got DeMarco :)" and, unlike the Cowboys plane, likely won't interrupt the National Anthem.

UPDATE: Here's video evidence that the booing took place during the anthem:

A video posted by @notchooch on