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Eagles News: Nelson Agholor is ready to play right away

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/9/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles practice notes, August 8, 2015: Eagles quarterbacks shine - PhillyVoice
Where Bradford has looked really good, however, is on his anticipation throws. On consecutive throws, he made two very good anticipation throws to Josh Huff. The first was on an in route to Huff, who was on a dead sprint, and Bradford threw to a spot where he knew Huff would stop. Huff turned and the ball was there for him. On the next play, Huff was running an out route, and the ball was in the air before Huff came out of his break. That throw was on the money. He and Huff were definitely on the same page on those two plays, which is very encouraging to see from a QB in a new offense.

Despite some rookie trials, Agholor appears to be pro-ready - Inquirer
There once was a time when NFL teams didn't expect their rookie wide receivers, even the ones drafted high, to make an immediate impact. The demands of the position, along with the disparity between pro and college defenses, often made it difficult for receivers to transition in one year. But last season, three rookies surpassed 1,000 yards receiving. Another finished 18 yards shy of the mark, and the Eagles' Jordan Matthews, despite an incremental increase in playing time as the season progressed, accounted for 872 yards through the air.

The Shuffle - Iggles Blitz
Jenkins, just like Chip Kelly and Bill Davis, spoke very highly of Thurmond. He said Thurmond fit in right away as a Safety in terms of making plays and being on the "inside" of the defense. He pointed out that is because Thurmond played so much Nickelback (slot), which is also on the inside. That means there are different angles between the QB and receiver. There is infinitely more traffic to deal with. Players also have a two-way go (inside or out). On the outside, the sideline acts as a 12th defender. Jenkins did an excellent sales job on his new teammate.

The Butterfly Effect: The Spread Offense’s Effect on the Philadelphia Eagles’ Inside Linebackers - Fishduck
The rise of the spread offense in the 21st century generated a butterfly effect on defenses. Coaches in bastions of the spread such as the Pac-12 responded to three, four and five receiver formations by using 3-4 or 3-3-5 fronts. This allowed them to easily disguise blitzes and drop eight men into coverage. The playmakers in these schemes are inside linebackers behind the wall who must be rangy and athletic. For this reason, college football influences Chip Kelly‘s actions in the NFL and his choice of personnel at this position reflects that. Kelly’s collection of inside linebackers who played on college teams that used three-man fronts shows how a coach’s decisions on offense also shape his decisions on defense.

Johnson: Confidence the Key With Bradford - Birds 24/7
It's been debated just how much of Bradford's issues in St. Louis were tied to personnel. Johnson believes it was a major factor. Specifically, he thinks the Rams' leaky offensive line during Bradford's time there hurt him not only statistically, but mentally. "He just has to get his confidence back," said Johnson. "It's hard. All these high draft picks, they go to these bad teams with bad O-linemen and they get their confidence ruined. That's basically what it is. You don't have no protection, you don't have no timing. I don't care who you are; if you're Aaron Rodgers and you don't have time, you're not going to produce."

Sam Bradford shines, Tim Tebow struggles | Eagles training camp report card -
Coming off of his best practice of training camp, Bradford picked up right where he left off, and was almost as impressive on Saturday.  Bradford was on fire to start practice, connecting on eight of his first nine passes, including a touchdown pass to Miles Austin. Bradford's touchdown pass came during a red zone drill, hitting Austin in the front corner of the end zone.  Bradford's lone mistake of the day also came during the team's redzone drill, when he scrambled out to his left and threw the ball behind the line of scrimmage, which resulted in a fumble. Still, fumble aside, Bradford looked extremely sharp Saturday, and is continuing to look better with each practice.

Observations from Day 6 of Eagles training camp - CSN Philly
After wowing teammates with accuracy and huddle command Friday (see story), I thought Sam Bradford needed to bounce back with another stellar practice. Consistency is the key. Bradford responded with another good session. The Eagles worked mainly on short stuff and crossing routes so Bradford’s downfield looks were limited, but his passes were crisp and efficient. In the first set of 7-on-7s, with all four quarterbacks rotating after one rep through four rounds, Bradford didn’t have any of his attempts hit the ground. He completed his first six passes until attempting an awkward shovel to Riley Cooper in red-zone work. But he responded from his first incompletion by firing a laser to Jordan Matthews for a touchdown. Matthews’ route to the back left corner gave the impression of an impending fade but Bradford instead gunned the ball into the second-year wideout. Bradford later tried to find Matthews on a deep seam but overthrew him slightly as Malcolm Jenkins supplied tight coverage. Still, I liked the way Bradford hung in the pocket as the defense closed and still recognized the single coverage.

Brad Jones Fills In Wherever Needed -
"I think really the name of game in the NFL is the more you can do at any position and versatility, it helps in all aspects, even for starters," Jones said. "Guys that can do a lot of different things well, it increases their value to a team. I think it helps in all facets and even cross training in a bunch of areas helps you become a better football player in general. When you can play a bunch of different positions your body can function and move well in a lot of different situations."

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