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Kiko Alonso won't suffer by missing practices

One of the Eagles' biggest offseason acquisitions is working his way back on to the practice field.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Linebacker Kiko Alonso was held out of practice Saturday as he recovers from a concussion sustained earlier in the week. Alonso suffered a concussion during Tuesday's open practice at Lincoln Financial Field, though it's unclear on which specific play he was injured.

The good news is that, for a player known for his bit hits and aggressive style of play, Chip Kelly said he believed this to be Alonso's first concussion. And for what it's worth, Kelly doesn't think Alonso's style of play puts him at any greater risk for concussions.

"He hasn’t had a history of it, so we’re not worried about it right now," Kelly said Saturday, "But obviously any time that word comes up with any player you’ll take all the precautions necessary before you put them back out there."

Per league rules, Alonso cannot return to practice until he has cleared the league-mandated concussion protocol, which he has not yet completed. Kelly indicated that Alonso is still coming in and is doing exercises with the coaching staff in lieu of practicing.

Concussions can be a scary prospect, and while getting healthy is the primary objective, Alonso missing time during the first week of training camp with his new team isn't ideal. And if the injury proves to be more serious, his status for the first preseason game on August 16th could be in doubt, though the team has given no indication that this is a possibility.

Fortunately, it seems that Alonso has done well in picking up the playbook, to the point where veteran linebacker DeMeco Ryans isn't concerned about the time lost.

"Kiko is another one of those guys who picked up on things fairly well," Ryans said after practice Saturday. "I think [the defense is] similar to Buffalo and also in college, so it wasn’t a big learning curve for him, so he’ll be fine. Whenever he gets back he knows the defense fairly well, so when he gets back I don’t see him missing a beat."

The Eagles return to the field Sunday for the second and final open training camp practice at Lincoln Financial Field.

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