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Eagles rank as NFL's most depressing team

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Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are the most depressing team in the NFL. At least, that's what the folks over at For The Win have determined with their arbitrary rankings. There's no actual method to their madness. It's just chaos. Here's their odd explanation:

"1. Eagles fans mistakenly believe they’re on the same level as current greats in New England, Green Bay and Denver and past champions such as the Redskins, Giants and 49ers. In fact, they are neither. They are ringless football fans who adore a movie about their city in which — how’s this for metaphorical? — their hero loses in the final fight."

Alright. So this is obviously some kind of attempt at humor or something, but it really doesn't even make any sense Eagles fans do not believe the team is currently on the top tier of the NFL. Eagles fans also don't mistakenly believe that the team has won a Super Bowl. And as for the Rocky reference ... since when did the franchise end after the first movie? The truth is that Eagles fans could rip themselves better than this guy is trying to rip them.

But whatever. Here are some more of their takes on the NFC East.

"2. Washington - The likelihood of 30 more years of Dan Snyder would be enough to send Richard Simmons to therapy. "

"13. Dallas Cowboys - You no longer have to defend Tony Romo, as most informed observers concede he’s one of the top quarterbacks in the league. But it’s been 20 years since a NFC championship appearance, DeMarco Murray is gone and, no matter the reality of Romo, the perception of him will always lead to you defending him with "yeah, but…!" And then, on top of that, you’ll lose in the playoffs because Romo is a choker. Oh, see how that works?!"

"22. New York Giants - Even with two recent Super Bowl rings, staring at Eli Manning for 16 Sundays a year is a lot to ask of anyone."