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Eagles News: Brandon Graham wants to finish the season with 32 sacks

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/8/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles training update with Brandon Gowton - 94WIP with Joe Giglio
Here's my radio appearance from Friday night.

Sam Bradford looked amazing at Eagles training camp practice - BGN
The title says it all.

Brandon Graham's goal is to obliterate the single-season sack record - PhillyVoice
Watch out, Michael Strahan. Brandon Graham is gunning for your sack record. "My goal is two (sacks) per game," said Graham. "16 (games). What's that, 32? Let me tell you -- This is how I'm thinking about it. Out of 70 plays, why not? Why not two? I don't care how they come, as long as they come." When told that Strahan's single season sack record is 22.5 sacks, Graham responded, "Hey, let me tell you, two per game. That's all. Take it how you want it. I ain't saying nothing but two per game."

Fitting The Eagles' Offense Together -
All of the pieces are in place for the Eagles' offense. Sam Bradford, DeMarco Murray, Jordan Matthews, Zach Ertz and an assortment of other talented offensive players have been assembled within the Eagles' locker room, generating some high expectations from the fans. Now, the task for offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur and the rest of the staff is figuring out how all the pieces fit together to form one dynamic, cohesive, offensive machine.

Running Diary: Eagle Practice Observations - Birds 24/7
Some have wondered about Matthews' role. Will he stay in the slot? Go outside? A series here may offer a glimpse. On the first play, he's outside. Then Matthews sets up in the backfield with Sproles. And on the third snap, he's back in the slot. Bottom line: Matthews is their best receiver. He's going to lead the team in all pass-catching statistical categories and play more snaps than any other Eagles receiver.

QBs Looking Good - Iggles Blitz
Now let’s talk about the QBs. While there is reason to be encouraged, no one is putting either guy in Canton quite yet. It is okay to be optimistic. Bradford is showing what people hoped to see…accuracy, touch and good pocket-passing skills. Think about the past few years. Mike Vick was erratic. Nick Foles was awkward. Bradford looks like a polished passer. That could really help this offense. So far so good in terms of Bradford’s health. Chip Kelly said the coaches aren’t seeing Bradford favor the knee or do anything awkward to protect it.

Bradford: Better than Foles, but . . . - Inquirer
But if you have spent any time watching the Eagles' training-camp practices over the last week, there's something else that's not in much dispute, either. When it comes to the physical traits required to play quarterback, Bradford is better than Foles. His arm is stronger. His release is quicker. Despite the brace on his knee, he runs faster (a low bar to clear, one must admit). For all the concern over Kelly's apparent valuing of character and culture over talent, it's pretty clear that, at football's most important position, he put talent first. Foles was tough. Foles was humble. Foles was a team guy. And Foles plays for the Rams now, because Kelly was willing to gamble that Bradford would be all that and more.

Too early to sing high praise of Ryan Mathews - CSN Philly
Mathews might have a solid — or better-than-solid — season, but the history here isn’t as encouraging as the pom-pom wavers might have you believe. He’ll be 28 this October and he has a long injury history. In college — where he was really good, you’ll recall — he fractured his clavicle and foot, and he suffered a concussion. In his rookie year with the Chargers, he hurt his ankle twice. In his sophomore season, he had a nagging calf injury and a fractured hand. In his junior campaign, he had another concussion, broke his clavicle again and ended up having surgery on his collarbone. The year after that, he had another concussion and tweaked his hamstring. And last season he went down for an extended period with an MCL injury.

The most interesting man for each NFC team. | Sports On Earth
Philadelphia: Chip Kelly - The divisive Chipper retains a large following of acolytes (including an enormous number of coaches) who insist this is all mad genius, that the negative nellies aren't seeing the whole board. Kelly is not only a system coach, he's a culture coach. He seems determined to build a roster of players who not only fit his desired scheme but fit in on team bowling night. That's laudable, especially in the cruel sea of the NFL. But it's also seemingly impractical to get 53 players all rowing in the same direction. That may be the "collegiate" trait that trips Kelly up, not his devotion to a pace-y offense or sports science. Whatever happens, this guy is not limited to Philly -- he's the Most Interesting Man in the NFL right now.

What a guy with a Joe Flacco sign learned at the GOP debate - SB Nation
Ever wonder what it's like to be at a rock concert/Presidential debate? Well here you go.

NFL on Xbox One Is Getting a Big Dose of New Tech - IGN
From microchipped players to muting your fantasy foes, this is a big year for the NFL app.

Pre-order the Eagles Almanac 2015! - BGN
It's the moment you've all been waiting for: the Eagles Almanac 2015 is back. The Eagles Almanac features detailed analysis, essays, scouting, statistics, and more from your favorite writers and bloggers.

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