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Eagles Injury Report: DeMarco Murray, Zach Ertz among players who didn't practice

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Here's a quick update on Philadelphia's injury situation.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Several key Philadelphia Eagles did not participate in Friday's training camp practice, as noted earlier today. The five players who missed today's training session include: linebacker Kiko Alonso, running back DeMarco Murray, tight end Zach Ertz, linebacker Mychal Kendricks, and safety Jerome Couplin.

Alonso's absence was very much expected. The Eagles linebacker suffered a concussion during Tuesday's practice and must pass the NFL's mandatory concussion protocol before he can return. He wasn't even out on the practice fields. For what it's worth, after training on Thursday, Zach Ertz made it sound like Alonso shouldn't be out too long.

Speaking of Ertz, the tight end was dressed in his uniform but he didn't have any pads on. He warmed up with the team and then stood on the sidelines for the remainder of practice. Ertz told a reporter that he's fine as he jogged off the field.

Mychal Kendricks, like Ertz, was out at practice wearing a jersey but didn't have pads on. He didn't shown any apparent signs of injury. It's unclear exactly why he sat out.

Murray wore pads and had a helmet on but didn't practice at all. It appears he's still getting over an illness. Howard Eskin tweeted the following before Friday's practice:

"Fans should not worry about Eagles running back DeMarco Murray. Has a respiratory infection that's why he missed practice on Thursday."

So it appears Murray will be back soon enough.

As for Couplin, it's still unclear why he's out as well. The safety hasn't practiced since Tuesday.

The good news is none of these injuries seem to be major. And there's still over a month before Philadelphia's first game takes place on Monday, Sept. 14.