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Eagles News: Sam Bradford feels better than he expected

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/7/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles Training Camp Practice Notes: TEBOWMANIA RUNS WILD - BGN
Notes from yesterday's practice.

Bradford: I Feel Better Than I Expected -
"I feel better than what I was expecting. I thought my knee would hold up but I wasn’t sure since I hadn’t put it through four days of practice coming into camp. But the way my knee feels now, it feels great, so I’m really happy with where I am right now."

Chip Kelly's 'educational philosophy' is brilliantly simple - PhillyVoice
I hear, and I forget; I see, and I remember; I do, and I understand. Those were the words Eagles coach Chip Kelly used to describe what he termed the team's "educational philosophy." And while it may seem like a bunch of gibberish when you first hear it, there's something subtly poignant in the simplicity of that ethos.

Chip Kelly Update: Training Camp Madness? Not Really - Fishduck
The problem is that he’s only 5’9″ at a time when teams are drafting big outside receivers. Receivers range from 5’11” to 6’5″, and Chip Kelly just doesn’t like starting out at a physical disadvantage like that of Boykin. It’s a tough situation with no easy solution; there’s a whole chapter (“The Boy King Dilemma”) about it in my new book “Controlled Chaos.” As great as Boykin is, it’s hard to imagine him successfully defending receivers such as the Dallas Cowboys‘ Dez Bryant (6’2″ and pretty good at jumping himself).

Wake-Up Call: What’s the Difference With Carroll? - Birds 24/7
We had plate holds to see who could hold it the longest," Carroll said, when asked which ones he's won. "...We had fastest miles per hour during practice, who was the fastest guy." Your speed? "I think it was 21.3 miles per hour. It stayed there for the longest time, and then Denzel Rice beat it. He had 22.1, I think it was. For the longest time, I had the record. Just little things like that. He just wanted to be able to have us compete the whole time, not just be lackadaisical and be complacent certain days and guys not really reaching their peak. Every single day, he put in a surprise competition for us."

Report card for Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow from Eagles' training camp -
Bradford struggled in the red zone.  In his six snaps inside the 20, Bradford only got the Eagles' offense into the end zone once, hitting receiver Riley Cooper across the middle for a touchdown. Bradford completed three other passes inside the 20, but not for touchdowns.  Bradford struggling in the red zone probably is to be expected, because, after missing last season with an ACL injury, he is still getting used to the speed of 11-on-11 drills -- and the game is even faster, and the windows tighter, close to the end zone.

The Assembly Line Approach - Iggles Blitz
Chip Kelly doesn’t want talent. He doesn’t want good football players. He wants talented players who fit his criteria. He wants good players who fit his system. Kelly has very specific ideas when it comes to building a team. I think this is a very smart approach to football. Scouts know what to look for. Coaches know how to deal with those players. Everyone is on the same page.

Ryan Mathews doesn't look as if he's playing second fiddle - Inquirer
No articles being written about me. No pictures. I don't care about that," Mathews said. "The only thing that matters is helping this team win games." But it has been virtually impossible to watch the Eagles' first four practices of training camp and not notice Mathews. Murray's limited action has helped. But there may not be a player in camp as freakishly athletic. Mathews is a compact 6-foot, 220 pounds and can still move.

Can Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor replace Jeremy Maclin? - CSN Philly
Lots of questions. Add (at least) one more: How will the Eagles’ largely untested wide receivers grade out? When Maclin decamped for Kansas City -– that’s a thing that people evidently do, but only if the requisite amount of money is involved -– he took some big numbers with him. A year ago, Maclin led the team in every significant receiving category, including targets, catches, yards, yards per catch, touchdowns, receptions of 20 or more yards, yards after the catch, first downs, catching the bus, catching fire and catching feelings. (Most of those are true.)

UAB's Clark believes Watkins is a "great fit" in Philly - About
His former coach believes he can make that transition, which is why he was not expecting the conference sack champ to go undrafted. "He’s a versatile guy," Clark noted. "We asked him to put his hand down a lot but we did stand him up so I think he can do that. We ran different zo ne blitzes and then would drop him back. He can do all of that. "He’s got an explosive first step and plays with his hands real well. We know he can rush the passer which is obviously very important in that league."

Washington can't move forward until Jay Gruden solves Robert Griffin III - SB Nation
Despite every addition that Washington has made this offseason, its 2015 fate still depends on whether Jay Gruden and Robert Griffin III can finally learn to work together.

Pre-order the Eagles Almanac 2015! - BGN
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