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Eagles Training Camp 2015: Players who have looked good so far

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The newest edition of BGN Radio is here! (Episode #103). This episode features an Eagles training camp update.

Welcome to the newest edition of BGN Radio!

BGN Radio is Bleeding Green Nation's regularly scheduled podcast. Each week some combination of Brandon Lee Gowton, James Seltzer, Patrick Wall, Dan Klausner, Matt Dering, Ben Natan, and host John Barchard will be here to talk about your beloved Philadelphia Eagles.

This episode was brought to you by Dunkin Philly.

• Episode #103 Crew: John Barchard, BLG, Patrick Wall, Ben Natan

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• 1:00: Introducing the crew and sharing some BGN Radio news. John will be on with Chris Steuber on 97.5 The Fanatic this Saturday from 4:00 through 8:00 PM ET.

• 3:13 - BLG gives a review of Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez

• 4:20 - Ben Natan goes over the WR corps; Jordan Mathews is clearly ahead of the pack

• 5:31 - Patrick tells us that besides Byron Maxwell, nothing has jumped out at him in the secondary

• 6:44 - Do Chip Kelly and Bill Davis want the defensive backs and wide receivers to be interchangeable?

• 9:00 - Josh Huff looks really really good so far

• 10:58 - Zach Ertz needs to be a bigger focal point in this offense

• 12:06 - The Eagles played around with Ertz and Darren Sproles in last offseason, will we actually see that on the field this year?

• 14:40 - Devante Davis (Ben Natan’s favorite WR ever) gets cut and we give him a little crap for it

• 16:10 - Should the Eagles be aggressive in trying to get an extension done with Sam Bradford?

• 22:50 - Brandon Boykin gets traded. Everyone is still freaking out.

• 27:06 - Shouldn’t dismiss Boykin’s feeling on Chip Kelly’s communication issue, but doesn’t he communicate pretty well?

• 31:00 - Chip Kelly might be kind of aloof

• 35:00 - Final Thoughts & More!• Final thoughts and much more!

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