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Eagles News: Zach Ertz is pushing for the starting job

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/5/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles practice notes, August 4, 2015: Zach Ertz impresses - PhillyVoice
Zach Ertz had a really good day. On one play near the end of practice, he out-jumped Mychal Kendricks for a pass down the seam, and landed hard on the ground. Ertz was shaken up and was helped off the field. However, a couple plays later he was right back in there, got open, and made another catch. Ertz was very active as a receiver all day.

Despite Blowback, Kelly Says No Regrets On Cooper Decision - Birds 24/7
"I think that Riley made a mistake; that's part of it. And we all backed him," he said. "Michael [Vick] backed him, Jason Avant backed him. I think that's part of being in an organization and a team. I look at that as a specific incident. He was 100 percent wrong and those are things that should never be said and I hope he learned his lesson. I think he regrets what he did that day every single day. I see that in him. But do I regret what we did in terms of how we handled Riley? No, we don't."

Chip Kelly and His Relentless Assault on the Status Quo - B/R
Understanding Chip Kelly’s plan for the Philadelphia Eagles requires abandoning everything you thought you knew about football. It’s not a simple plan. It’s certainly not a conventional one. But it’s not just some ego trip or scattershot player grab, either. "It was perceived as if this was random, all over the place, but I think this was a well-thought-out, clear plan," said Joe Banner, former Eagles president and general manager.

For Zach Ertz, blocking is the final piece - Daily News
Still, even though noncontact OTAs and minicamps are not barometers of how things will go once Ertz is in an NFL game at NFL speed, Kelly said he likes the things he can judge. "He has done a great job, from a technique standpoint," Kelly said. "He's worked real hard, but we haven't had pads on. "His footwork, hand placement and things like that have really improved, but now, when you get to days like this, hopefully things continue on.

Tons of Stuff - Iggles Blitz
We can joke about Tebow, but the guy has a very real chance to make the team…if he plays well. Tebow struggled mightily in the spring, but sure sounds like he’s much better so far in TC.

Outside Linebackers Ready To Step Up -
Perhaps the most interesting name at outside linebacker is last year’s first-round pick Marcus Smith. Smith didn’t see much of the field as a rookie, but now the former 26th overall pick has his best chance yet to live up to his draft status. Despite all the extra eyes that will be placed upon him now that Long is down, Smith is keeping the same focused attitude that he entered Training Camp with earlier this week. "It doesn’t really change anything," Smith said. "I think the goal was to be the rotation guy and that’s what I want to be able to do. Travis Long is my guy. I was sad to hear that he tore his ACL. We talk about football every day and you never want to see a guy go down like that, but as far as the mindset, it’s the same. Nothing has changed. I still want to play.

'Frustrated, mad' Nolan Carroll driven to start, reverse secondary - CSN Philly
I just wanted to come out here, prove to them that the guy they got last year was the guy that was supposed to play last year.

Chip Kelly blasts reporter for awful park job - The 700 Level
Chip Kelly spoke with the media this morning at Lincoln Financial Field prior to the Eagles open practice which fans were invited to attend. He spoke about plenty of topics. Football being a pretty big focus of it all. But also parking. Specifically the awful parking of the Philadelphia media.

Bell: Eagles coach Chip Kelly has a growing image problem as ex-players sound off - USA Today
Kelly won’t be the last coach considered a control freak, and he’s not the first one who operates with a my-way-or-the-highway doctrine that rubs some pro players far differently than it may hit home with younger college players who typically are more inclined to buy into a program. It’s the nuances of having two-way respect on the NFL level that looms over Kelly. Maybe winning will cure everything. He hasn’t won a playoff game, but he’s posted consecutive 10-6 regular-season marks. He can prove the doubters wrong by winning big with his type of players.

NFL stands for No Female League in my opinion - SB Nation
First of all, Im not sexist. I watch porn all the time so let me stop you right there. Im concerned about the message it sends to our nations adult daughters that they know more about football then I do, especially if I'm trying to talk to them at a bar to impress them with how little they actually know about football. I guess most people sometimes forget that Im a man, and that Im uncomfortable around powerful women. What about my rights?

Pre-order the Eagles Almanac 2015! - BGN
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