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Eagles News: Jordan Matthews is dominating practice

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/4/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles practice notes, August 3, 2015: Jordan Matthews dominates - PhillyVoice
Jordan Matthews destroyed today. He had catch after catch after catch, working against an assortment of Brandon Boykin replacements in the slot. Is he just dominating because he was going up against inexperienced competition, or because he's just really good? Probably a mix of the two, but he was the best player on the field today. I'm of the opinion Matthews is going to have a big season. He's underrated both nationally and locally. Hope I'm not overdoing it here, but Matthews has star potential.

Running Diary: Eagles Practice Observations - Birds 24/7
During 7-on-7s, Sam Bradford is on the money to Matthews on a crossing route. One thing I've noticed in some of the team drills with Bradford is that he seems to do a really good job with his ball placement on crossers and other routes that are supposed to lead to yards after the catch. "Like everybody said, he places the ball where it has to be," Matthews said afterwards. "It's extremely noticeable. You can't miss it when you come out here and watch him practice. He's gonna come out here, he's gonna put the ball where it has to be."

Marcus Smith's future is in his hands - Inquirer
By 1:30 Monday afternoon, all the Eagles players, except two, had left the practice fields at the NovaCare Complex. The two who remained were linebackers Connor Barwin and Marcus Smith, and they charged toward and slap-boxed with an orange-padded tackling dummy, honing their pass-rush moves. Barwin was the teacher, Smith the student. That was to be expected. Barwin led the Eagles with 141/2 sacks last season. Smith, the Eagles' first-round draft pick last year, played just eight games and 74 snaps. After the team's Week 4 loss to the 49ers, in which he fouled up a coverage assignment and allowed running back Frank Gore to catch a touchdown pass, he settled into a routine in his rookie year. Sunday was usually his day to stand on the sideline and do little but watch, his very own Sabbath

Hey Fella - Iggles Blitz
Boykin was up and down in the Chargers game. He broke up a pass and stripped a ball from Antonio Gates, but did give up a few catches. He showed promise, but wasn’t so good that you felt he absolutely deserved to be starting. Overall he had a pretty good game, but you have to factor in that he wasn’t going against top receivers (Malcolm Floyd, Eddie Royal, Vincent Brown, Keenan Allen). I think Boykin has a shot to be an effective starting CB, but it is far from a sure thing. Playing in the slot is very different than playing outside. Think about Dallas. In the slot, you cover Cole Beasley. On the outside, you get Dez Bryant or Terrance Williams. That’s a pretty drastic difference.

Good Early Signs For QB Sam Bradford -
We're in a hurry. We're trying to fast forward a situation that requires patience and understanding. Sam Bradford, Eagles quarterback, is "good to go," he says and for right now that's the best news of all.

Jim Mora defends Chip Kelly as misunderstood, misinterpreted - The 700 Level
"I don't buy that," Mora. "I think he did such a great job at Oregon. He wouldn't have become the recruiter that he was and had the success that he's had if he couldn't relate to all races and age groups, socio-economic backgrounds. He just couldn't do it. I think what it is, he's probably misunderstood. He's not the most outgoing guy. He's a thoughtful introvert, extremely bright, probably doesn't have a lot to say to a lot of guys because his mind is always clicking. Maybe they just misinterpret it. I can't believe that there's even a hint of racism to Chip Kelly. There's just no way I believe that ever."

Are Chip Kelly's decisions hurting Eagles' depth? - CSN Philly
Kelly mentioned Byron Maxwell as proof. That’s fine. The Eagles paid him a lot of money to leave Seattle. Kelly’s confidence in Maxwell makes sense. But Kelly also referenced Nolan Carroll (who didn’t crack the starting lineup last year when the competition was considerably less significant), Eric Rowe and JaCorey Sheperd (both rookies), Jaylen Watkins (who hardly played last season), E.J. Biggers (journeyman/castoff), Denzel Rice (undrafted rookie) and Randall Evans (sixth-round pick). If that’s what constitutes “a lot of depth at that position,” what would a thin secondary look like?

DeSean Jackson of Washington Redskins says no one can stop him - ESPN
The word poked at his competitive side, prompting DeSean Jackson to issue a reminder. So when he was asked Monday how one teammate, cornerback Chris Culliver, challenged him in practice, the wide receiver made one point clear. "I don't think no one can guard me," Jackson said. "It's how I feel about myself. I don't feel no one can stop me. You can get Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman -- whoever you want to get."

Can Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly pull the Eagles together this season? - NFL Videos
NFL Media's LaVar Arrington and Daniel Jeremiah talk about Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly and the environment he brings to the Eagles organization and if he can help to develop his team into contenders this season.

Let LeSean McCoy have his orgy - SB Nation
You shamed a man called Shady into not living out his dream. Shame on you.

Pre-order the Eagles Almanac 2015! - BGN
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