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Eagles News: DeSean Jackson posts sexist message on Instagram

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/31/15.

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Let's get to the links...

DeSean Jackson posted sexist trash on Instagram - SB Nation
It's been a banner week for Washington. Nobody can decide if Robert Griffin III is done. A nasty tackle sparked a fight against the Baltimore Ravens and DeSean Jackson is saying vile, stupid, sexist crap on his Instagram account. Washington's PR department must be on fire right now. That's the only possible excuse for why this still exists on his account. If there's one saving grace it's that this is an isolated incident and no other NFL players would dare to approve of this garbage.

All 10 of Sam Bradford's throws against the Packers, in gif form - PhillyVoice
Bradford sees the Packers defender sprinting across the formation following Nelson Agholor (who is in motion), so he reads man coverage. It looks like he initially wants Mathews out of the backfield, but that's covered well, so he quickly hits Burton on the shallow crosser. What I love about this throw is that Bradford decides to release this pass before Burton's man gets washed up in the trash created by Riley Cooper and Brent Celek running crossers in the opposite direction. He's knows that it's going to happen and throws to a spot where Burton can get to the ball but the defender cannot.

Four Downs: Bradford And the Red-Zone - Birds 24/7
The Eagles' quarterbacks were 23rd in red zone quarterback rating last season, per Sporting Charts. The team ranked in the bottom third overall with a touchdown conversion rate of under 50 percent. The rate in Chip Kelly's first season (53 percent) was only marginally better. Jeffrey Lurie identified red zone offense as one of the three issues that proved to be the team's Achilles' heel last year along with turnovers and big plays allowed on defense. It is a key stat to watch once the season gets underway. The Eagles are 10-for-17 (59 percent) in that department this preseason, and 4-for-4 with Bradford at quarterback.

Roster Update – Down to 76 - Iggles Blitz
QB – I would love to see the Eagles let go of both Matt Barkley and Tim Tebow. Neither player has looked good in the last couple of games. I would prefer the Eagles to sign a young player with some upside. The Packers have 4 QBs. If they cut Matt Blanchard, he would be of interest. I know some of you would like to see the Eagles go after E.J. Manuel. I have no interest in him. Seems like he might stick in Buffalo at this point. Sean Renfree could be cut by the Falcons. He would be interesting. The Rams might cut Austin Davis, who played well against the Eagles last year.

Fan-Demonium: Is This For Real? -
The Eagles dominated the Packers on Saturday night, improving to 3-0 in the preseason. The Eagles stunned the fans at Lambeau Field as they built a 39-14 halftime lead. Think about that for a second. The Eagles were up by 25 points at halftime. At Lambeau. The Packers weren't at full strength, but that score was still eye-opening. That was an incredible showing by the Eagles. I have watched Eagles preseason games for more than 20 years. I have never seen anything like the team's performance this summer. The Eagles led the Colts 23-3 at halftime of the opener. The Eagles led the Ravens 24-0 through two quarters last week. You focus on the first half because that is when the starters and key backups are on the field. The Eagles' top-line players have been on the field for six quarters and have outscored their opponents 86-17.

RBs in receiving game could be huge part of Eagles' offense - CSN Philly
They’re high-percentage plays with big-time rewards. And Sam Bradford said throwing to the running backs is going to be a big part of the Eagles’ offense this year. The Eagles have a seemingly endless stable of gifted running backs, and one thing we’ve seen so far in the preseason is that more than last year, they will be heavily involved in the offense as receivers. And why not? It’s not just Darren Sproles. All the backs are capable receivers. DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews can catch the ball and even Kenjon Barner and Raheem Mostert, who are both battling for roster spots, have shown explosiveness in the receiving game.

Eagles' Sam Bradford shows he's perfect fit for Chip Kelly's system - Daily News
Understatement is kind of a Chip Kelly thing, and the guys who end up being Chip's guys - a group that certainly would seem to include Sam Bradford - quickly adapt that mode, if they didn't come preprogrammed with it. But Bradford, who waited so long to unfurl what he unfurled Saturday night at Lambeau Field, couldn't fully contain himself, after completing 10 of 10 passes for 121 yards and three touchdowns in three series of work against a defense that is supposed to be good enough to help the Packers win the NFC this season, or come close to it.

By any and all criteria, Eagles are looking super - Morning Call
They're moving faster than the refs, not to mention their opponents, and not just between plays. They're getting turnovers. They're flipping the field a ridiculous number of times when somebody kicks or punts to them. Their running game features a stable of six starting-caliber NFL running backs for the time being. All reasonable expectations for the 2015 Philadelphia Eagles have been proved possible throughout a super month of training camp and three preseason games. By now, it's safe to say that only injuries can derail this team from greatness. Nothing else. No coaches bickering, no players eating lunch in their cars (unless proven beneficial by sports science), no confusion about schemes or fundamentals. No adversity other than unavailability.

Reasons to believe in Sam Bradford’s big preseason - PFF
The reason why that is encouraging is because most of the excitement over Bradford is tied up in the potential of what he can do for Philadelphia — both based on whether he can stay healthy, and how much better he’ll be playing in Chip Kelly’s offense. We’ve seen what the latter has meant for QBs in the form of Nick Foles’ 2013 season, during which he ranked No. 1 in PFF’s QB rating, No. 5 in accuracy when under pressure, No. 6 in overall accuracy percentage and No. 7 in deep-ball accuracy. Some of those numbers were a little inflated — in our grading system, Foles ranked just 17th in the league in 2013 — but it does go to show the potential for a previously average NFL quarterback to perform very well for Kelly’s Philadelphia offense.


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