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Philadelphia Eagles roster bubble: Projecting the cut down to 75

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Which Eagles players are going to get the axe?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are expected to officially announce some cuts today and/or tomorrow. The Eagles have until 4:00 PM EST on Tuesday, Sept 1. to trim their roster down to 75 players. The Eagles' roster is currently full at 90 so that means 15 spots need to be cleared.

These cuts are easy for most teams because the players who are being cut are camp bodies who never really had much of a chance to make the final roster. Keep in mind the Eagles will have to cut down to the regular season 53-man limit by 4:00 PM EST on Saturday, Aug. 5.

With that said, here are projections for the cut down to 75.

1) JaCorey Shepherd

Don't worry; the Eagles aren't cutting him. They'll just be officially moving him to injured reserve, which will clear up a roster spot. Shepherd wasn't placed on injured reserve earlier because he would have had to pass through waivers first.

2) Emmanuel Acho

The Eagles reportedly waived/injured Acho, who suffered a thumb injury.

3) Mike Coccia

Depth OL. Local kid. Already reportedly released.

4) Mike Johnson

Depth WR. Local kid. Already reportedly released.

5) Jeremy Towns

Eagles claimed him off waivers last week. Already reportedly released.

6) Alfy Hill

Depth DL. Already reportedly released.

7) Marc Anthony

Depth cornerback with a funny name. Signed during training camp.

8) Dasman McCullum

Depth OLB signed during training camp.

9) Jared Wheeler

Depth OL the Eagles signed after releasing Evan Mathis in June. Already reportedly released.

10) Kip Smith

No more need for the backup punter/kicker.

11) Kevin Monangai

The Villanova running back has had a decent preseason for himself. Maybe some team will give him a shot on the practice squad.

12) Brandan Bishop

Depth safety the Eagles signed last week.

13) Justin Tukes

Depth TE. He's played less than Eric Tomlinson and Andrew Gleichert this preseason.

14) Josh Reece

Depth WR.

15) Kevin Graf

Depth OL was reportedly released. A little surprising since he spent last year on the practice squad.