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Eagles sign Delaware wide receiver Mike Johnson to bring the roster to the 90 players

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The Eagles have a new pass catcher.

via @Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have signed rookie undrafted free agent Mike Johnson, according to an official release from the team. The addition of Johnson brings Philadelphia's roster up to the 90-man limit. The team had an open roster spot after trading Brandon Boykin.

The Eagles invited Johnson, who played football for Delaware during college, to the team's rookie minicamp earlier this offseason. Johnson measures in at 6-2, 210 pounds. Here's a scouting report on him via

"Strengths - Plus football intelligence for his position. Overcomes short-area athleticism and deep-speed concerns with smart routes. Leverages routes to maximize windows for his quarterback. Shows good feel for crossers and is unafraid of working the middle. Natural hands. Has kick-return value.

Weaknesses - Needs space to build up his acceleration after the catch. Lacks jitterbug creativity after the catch. Plays a little stiff with straight­-line traits. Narrow base and goes down quickly after contact. Must improve balance and base within his routes.

Draft Projection - Priority free agent

Bottom Line - Wide receiver tape is just OK with no real go­-to athletic traits to excite evaluators, but his fearless, straight­-forward kick-returning style is a little more intriguing. Lacks the wiggle or burning play speed to figure as an outside receiver, so he might have to open eyes as a kick returner initially to buy himself time to become a more polished target."

Read more about Johnson from Matt Waldman's profile.

"While speed is an ally towards a receiver achieving this objective, so is patience. Today’s post examines two plays from Delaware wide receiver Mike Johnson, a six-foot-plus, 210-215-pound wideout who deserves a lot more attention in the public eye than what Emory Hunt over at Football Gameplan can provide alone.

Johnson has enough speed to get deep, but what he does well as a route runner is set a pace with his stem (the component of the route between the initial release off the line of scrimmage and the break) that tests the patience of defenders. When Johnson exhibits movement, it’s meaningful and difficult for his opponents to resist."

Here are some of his college highlights:

Johnson will give the Eagles another body at wide receiver during practice this summer.