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Eagles experiment with Tim Tebow as two-point conversion specialist

The Eagles threw in a surprising wrinkle during their preseason game against the Packers.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles' first team offense put on a clinic in Saturday night's game against the Packers, and after each of the first two touchdowns, quarterback Tim Tebow came into the game to run the offense for the two-point conversion tries.

On the first attempt, Tebow tried to run it in, but was stopped short. On the second attempt, Tebow threw incomplete to rookie Nelson Agholor after almost being picked off. So while neither try was successful, the fact that the Eagles would have Tebow in the game in these situations - during the first quarter, no less - is definitely worth noting.

Head coach Chip Kelly has said that he brought Tebow in to play quarterback and not as a gimmick player. And due to the nature of the preseason, it's very possible that Kelly and his coaches just wanted to see what a two-point conversion would look like with Tebow at the helm. After all, the Eagles pulled kicker Cody Parkey to give snaps to Kip Smith during the game as well.

In the battle for the third quarterback spot, one of the perceived advantages Tebow has over Barkley is his mobility. Granted, Tebow isn't the most fleet-of-foot, but the ability to pick up yards on the ground could end up being the difference between making the team and spending another season out of the league.

And while the results weren't pretty this week, Tebow running those plays does indicate that the team is at least thinking about using him in special situations.

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