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Eagles vs. Packers Preseason 2015: Game Predictions

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It's Eagles-Packers game day. Who are you taking to win?

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The Philadelphia Eagles 2015 preseason schedule continues tonight as the Birds take on the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. After tonight, there will be only one more preseason game left before the start of the 2015 NFL regular season.

The third preseason game is typically viewed as a dress rehearsal, so expect to see the Eagles' first team players play a decent amount. This includes Sam Bradford, who survived his Eagles debut last week despite taking a couple of big shots. Now that Bradford proved he can handle contact, the next step for him is to continue to shake off the rust. Bradford's accuracy has looked great in practice but the quarterback was a little erratic last week against the Ravens. Bradford admitted he was "amped up" after taking the field for the first time in a year. The quarterback needs to calm down and be sharper this week. It's unclear how many snaps he will play.

Bradford will be aided by the fact that the Packers don't seem to be very interested in playing their starters on Saturday evening. This is disappointing for the Eagles because it could have been a good test for them. Philadelphia was trounced by Green Bay during the regular season last year. It would be ideal to see Bradford go up against their first team defense for an extended period of time.

It's also a shame that Aaron Rodgers likely won't play much. The Eagles' defense could have used the test. Instead, they will match up against rookie quarterback Brett Hundley. Philadelphia has looked great this preseason so it wouldn't be shocking to see their starters take advantage of Hundley and Green Bay's backups.

Speaking of the Eagles defense, Kiko Alonso is set to make his debut on Saturday night. Alonso is obviously a very talented player so it'll be interesting to see what he can do. Keep in mind this is the first time Alonso has played in a real game since his rookie season in 2013.

Of course, the most important thing for the Eagles tonight is to leave the game unscathed. None of the Eagles' key players will appear in the fourth preseason game so as long as everyone can stay healthy they should be able to make it to Philadelphia's season opener against the Atlanta Falcons on Sept. 14.


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