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Josh Huff isn't sure he'll play in Eagles-Packers game after dealing with tragic situation

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This is a shame.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Huff's absence from Philadelphia Eagles practice this week had been something of a mystery. The team said he was excused for personal reasons, but no one knew what those involved. Huff returned to practice on Thursday and explained he's been dealing with a personal tragedy.

Very sad. Huff tweeted about Joyce earlier on Thursday.

It would be completely reasonable for Huff to not suit up on Saturday evening if he's not feeling ready. In the meantime, Huff said he's glad to be back around his team.

"With [Chip Kelly], it’s always take care of your brother to the right and left of you, no matter the situation or the circumstances. When you come here, it’s a place of, I want to say happiness, it’s a place that you can get away from a lot of things in life. We come out here or you come into the building and it’s automatically love here, you can feel the love every time you walk into the building. It’s great being back here and out here with my teammates."

"This is family out here and I feel like I’m home. We’ve got a great group of guys that care for each other and there’s always a shoulder that I can lean on here. It’s obviously a tragic situation on my end but I have family here, I have brothers here that I can lean on. Just the coaches and everybody else, they understand what’s going on."