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Eagles News: Pete Carroll sides with Chip Kelly on Terrell Suggs hit

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/25/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Pete Carroll asking NFL to clarify legality of hits on QBs on read-option handoffs, after Sam Bradford hit - The News Tribune
"I have seen a couple of them and I really thought they were worthy of being noted as penalty plays," Carroll said of such hits on QBs, most recently by Suggs on Bradford. "Obviously we’re really tuned into that. "We’re counting on the league to do a really good job of doing that well so we take care of the QBs. You can force this thing about they’re a runner. When they don’t have the ball in their hands and the ball is already handed off and gone, guys need to make good decisions, hopefully. So we’ll be very much part of that discussion if things continue like it’s going, because it’s not right.

Eagles locker room seating chart - PhillyVoice
The Eagles turned over a large portion of their roster this offseason. Obviously, throughout training camp, we media types have been reporting on how the new guys are playing, and how they're fitting into the offense/defense. However, equally as important, where are they seated in the locker room?!? I took note today on our first day of locker room access. On the chart below, the players at the top of the chart are in the back of the locker room. View the chart below as if you're walking into the locker room from the bottom of the chart.

Sam Bradford will find that quick release is key - Inquirer
The best defense, of course, is getting rid of the ball before there is any chance of getting slaughtered. And for the most part that has been one area in which Bradford, comparatively speaking, has excelled. He just didn't on that throw to Agholor. He held on to the ball for approximately 3.6 seconds. Nearly every play is different, based on the call, the personnel, the defense, the down, the distance, the field position, and the clock, among other things. But generally, 3.6 seconds is too long.

Key Plays: How They Happened - Birds 24/7
How it happened: Thurmond gets the credit on the stat sheet, but the real play was made by Nolan Carroll. The corner ran step-for-step with Aiken for 50 yards and then tipped the ball into the air for Thurmond to catch it. Jordan Hicks also gets credit for pressuring Flacco and flushing him out of the pocket to disrupt the quarterback's timing. Bird's-eye view: "When I saw the receiver bend in, I looked in and I saw Walt," Carroll said. "I knew he wasn't going to continue to run at Walt, so once he bent back out, I knew I had Walt at least behind me. When I looked up at the ball, I knew I had somebody there and I just tried to tip it up as high as I could."

Sam Bradford: Every play out of the shotgun isn't a zone-read - CSN Philly
"There was no chance of me keeping it," Bradford said Monday. On a read-option or zone-read, the quarterback reads the unblocked defender and either keeps the ball or hands it off depending on how the unlocked defender reacts. On the play in question, there was no unblocked defender. Bradford said the Eagles had a tight end on the backside there to cover him. "I think there's just probably just some gray area as far as what a zone-read is," Bradford said. "You running a play out of the shotgun doesn't mean it's a zone-read. We have a lot of plays in our offense where there are absolutely no reads for us, it's an automatic give. I think the league is probably just gonna have to clarify what a zone-read is."

Eagles Lock Up Rising Star LB Kendricks -
Mychal Kendricks doesn't want to hear about the "prototype" measurements for NFL linebackers -- the height, weight and all those other numbers. None of that stacks up to the whole of Kendricks: "I'm a baller ...

Tebow Update - Iggles Blitz
The one thing that bugs me as I consider Tebow for the roster is that Kelly explained recently that he wants his backups to look like the starters so that things won’t have to change much when there are injuries. Tebow looks more like Brent Celek or DeMeco Ryans than he does Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez or Barkley. That’s true of his appearance and his QB skill set. Things change drastically when he’s on the field.

Matt Barkley doesn't think Eagles are trying to trade him -
Eagles quarterback Matt Barkley pushed back against a report that surfaced over the weekend that the team had made him available on the trade market.  "What are they talking about?" Barkley said when asked by NJ Advance Media for his reaction to the report following Monday's practice at the NovaCare Complex. "What's their source? That's not what I'm worried about.  "I know probably more than what an ESPN reporter knows. I'm just sticking to what I'm doing here and now and that's playing football for the Eagles."

Vermeil Buys Into Arena League Team - The New York Times
Dick Vermeil is returning to pro football, this time as an owner in the Arena Football League. Vermeil, who took the St. Louis Rams to the Super Bowl title in the 1999 season, joined the former N.F.L. quarterback Ron Jaworski and Marques Colston and Jahri Evans, who currently play for the New Orleans Saints, as owners of the Philadelphia Soul.

Evan Mathis keeps going to Reddit to discuss his own free agency rumors - SB Nation
Mathis told Reddit that rumors of the Kansas City Chiefs being a potential landing place are "completely wrong."

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