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Eagles believe Sam Bradford's accuracy compares to Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner

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The Eagles are so high on their new quarterback.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Bradford has looked pretty good during Eagles training camp. The team is reportedly "ecstatic" with his performance this summer. Adding to the Bradford hype is this recent quote from NFL insider Jason Cole:

"In talking to Philadelphia offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur on Wednesday, one of the comments he made about quarterback Sam Bradford is that Bradford has the kind of accuracy that compares with some of the top end quarterbacks in the history of the league: like Kurt Warner, or even a Peyton Manning. He believes that Bradford can deliver a ball even to a receiver on the move and pinpoint it at any time.

Now all of that has led to great confidence in Bradford as they go through training camp, and during practice so far Bradford has looked very good in the pocket and he’s gotten rid of the ball very quickly. Two vital keys for Chip Kelly and running his offense."

This isn't the first time Bradford has drawn comparisons to Manning. The Eagles once believed Bradford was the best quarterback prospect to come out in the NFL Draft since the future Hall of Fame passer.

It's true, though; Bradford's laser-like accuracy has been on display throughout camp. He's been more than capable of fitting balls in tight spaces to well-covered targets. Head coach Chip Kelly once said "repetitive accuracy is the number one quality we’re looking for in a quarterback." Judging by the eye test, Bradford sure possesses that quality.

There are obviously still concerns about how Bradford will hold up in game action. It's not only about Bradford being able to stay healthy. It's also about him being able to perform at a high level despite taking hits and facing pressure on a regular basis. More from Cole:

"However, in talking to sources around the team, one of the concerns remains: how will Bradford react after missing missing the last year and half with two injuries on the same knee? Will he be able to handle himself in the pocket? Will he feel confident in the pocket? They’re going to get a test of that during the rest of the preseason and into the early part of the regular season."

It's not official yet, but it seems like Bradford will make his Eagles debut this Saturday against the Ravens. This will be Bradford's first real test handling pressure.

If Bradford can stay upright, one would think there's plenty of reason to be optimistic about the team's chances of success. If Bradford gets the kind of looks with wide open receivers that Mark Sanchez got against the Colts last week, he won't be missing those throws with his accuracy.