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Tim Tebow is reportedly exciting Chip Kelly so the Eagles will probably keep him

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Matt Barkley's days with the Eagles could be numbered.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow reportedly has a pretty good chance to make the Eagles' 53-man roster, according to a report from Dianna Marie Russini of ESPN. It's kind of a weird report, but here you go:

"Source says Chip Kelly is increasingly excited by Tim Tebow. If Tebow doesn't make major errors, he will earn spot on team. Kelly impressed by Tebow's running. Throwing not perfect, but better making him valuable with 2-point rule & in short-yard situations."

None of this should come as a big surprise. By now it's evident the Matt Barkley isn't in the Eagles' plans after the team has tried to trade him on numerous occasions. With Barkley likely on his way out at some point, Tebow is poised to be the Eagles' third string quarterback behind starter Sam Bradford and top backup Mark Sanchez.

While Tebow has looked far from perfect this summer, he has shown some signs of improvement after being out of the league for two years.

Tebow is arguably the fan-favorite option at third string quarterback. As seen in a recent poll here on Bleeding Green Nation:

It looks like Tebowmania is here to stay.