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Eagles received trade offer for Nolan Carroll

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This is at least a little interesting.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

One of the more interesting nuggets buried in Chip Kelly's press conference on Sunday involved Nolan Carroll. According to Philadelphia's head coach, the Eagles received an offer for Carroll earlier in this offseason. Kelly mentioned the following while explaining why the team went through with the Boykin trade.

" [...] we had another call in the summer about Nolan, but we weren't trading Nolan."

Maybe the offer wasn't too great, which was probably the case, but it's still interesting to see how Kelly was so dismissive of the idea. Maybe this is further confirmation the team is high on Carroll and he's truly favored to start on the outside at cornerback across from Byron Maxwell. Kelly went on to praise Carroll later during his press conference.

"I think Nolan really grew in his year in this program.  You watched when he first got here to where he is now, he has made some great strides.  If you ask any guy, any of these players, you talk about our competitions in the weight room and all those other things, the guy who won them all was Nolan.  He set the tone for the defensive back group.  His game really stepped up and we are excited to see where he can take that next step into becoming a full‑time starter out there. I think it's going to be a really good battle to watch because Eric Rowe is right in that mix, too, but what we are looking for in corner is taller, longer, physical guys and we are excited to see what he can do."

The Eagles' affection for Carroll is curious considering how he didn't play more often last season, especially when Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher were struggling. The team also drafted Eric Rowe in the second round with the expectation he'd figure in as a starter at some point.

The competition at cornerback is one of the best camp battles to watch this summer. Having an established starter would be the most ideal situation, but a healthy competition between two players playing well is the next best thing.