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Sam Bradford Injury Update: Eagles QB is fully healthy for training camp

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Good news for the team.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

According to Chip Kelly, all 89 players on the Philadelphia Eagles roster are fully healthy as training camp begins. That number includes Sam Bradford, who was limited during the team's spring practices in OTAs and minicamp.

Kelly said Bradford will have no restrictions. He also won't be wearing the big, heavy brace that he was wearing earlier this offseason in May and June. The brace has been replaced with a sleeve over his knee. More from Kelly:

"We'll see. He passed the conditioning test yesterday. We don't have any restrictions in talking to the trainers and doctors on him now, but that doesn't mean two days if it flares up, we'll have to handle up. But right now, we're not anticipating he's going to practice today and tomorrow we're going to take him off. Right now, he's going to go and we'll see how his knee responds. But he feels really confident. He's right on track to where he wanted to be."

Kelly also said Bradford is on pace to start for the Eagles during the preseason. Philadelphia's first exhibition game takes place against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, Aug. 16.