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Eagles Training Camp Practice Notes: Sam Bradford takes all the first team reps

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Here's what we learned from today's Eagles practice.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday was the first official day of 2015 Philadelphia Eagles training camp practice. There's a lot to talk about, so let's dive right in.


• No pads at practice today. Those won't go on until later this week, probably. Chip Kelly typically doesn't like to run overly physical training camp practices anyway.

• Injury update: Chip Kelly said all 89 players are full go. That was mostly true, except in the case of DeMarco Murray. The Eagles running back participated in position drills but not team drills. No word on what was up with that.

• Wide receiver versus defensive back 1-on-1 drill: Byron Maxwell breaks up a short pass intended for Nelson Agholor. Jordan Matthews making a crazy one-handed catch. Almost looked like it was going to be a drop, but somehow reeled it in.

• 7-on-7: Bradford picked off by Nolan Carroll. The throw went right to Carroll, so perhaps there was a timing issue with the wide receiver. Not sure who he was trying to throw it to there.

Ryan Mathews dropped a catch in the flat.

• LINEUPS: Sam Bradford started off with the first team and took all of the starter's reps. Mark Sanchez was always second, followed by Matt Barkley, then Tim Tebow. For all the talk of a quarterback competition, the reps certainly favored Bradford.

Matt Tobin lined up at starting right guard. Josh Huff and Riley Cooper were the outside wide receivers while rookie Nelson Agholor worked with the second team. On defense, DeMeco Ryans and Kiko Alonso were the first team inside linebackers. Mychal Kendricks with the second team. Walter Thurmond lined up at safety next to Malcolm Jenkins. JaCorey Shepherd was the first team nickel cornerback, as expected. Disclaimer: it's only day one and things are subject to change.

• 11-on-11: Maxwell records his second pass breakup of practice by batting down another Bradford pass. Those long arms sure do come in handy.

• Sanchez aired out a deep pass intended for Agholor but the ball was off target. Looked like a good ball, but Evans really disrupted Agholor's route. The rookie cornerback probably got away with too much contact on that one.

• Sanchez faked the defense out by keeping the ball on the read-option. He then proceeded to pump fake a lateral to the wide receiver before once again keeping the ball and running down field. And you thought you wouldn't live to see the day where Sanchez completely fooled a defense.

• BGN's own Mark Saltveit was at practice today. He even took a practice note on me: "@BrandonGowton's last tweet was a no-look, one-handed ninja tweet. I was staring right at him. Dude's like a ventriloquist!"

• Bradford trying airing it out to Cooper once. The ball looked good, but it was a little off target. It looked like another case of miscommunication. Cooper didn't look up for the ball soon enough, and the pass was a bit too far out in front.

• The Eagles do a lot of running plays in practice. They're going to run the ball a lot this year. Not that that's a surprise.

• Barkley had one impressive pass that stood out: he floated a ball to rookie undrafted free agent Justin Tukes in coverage. Nice touch on the throw, and a good snag by the tight end. Ball was placed where only he could get it and then run after the catch.

Brent Celek dropped a short pass from Bradford. Ryans may have knocked it down. Based on watching the last two training camps, both of these two things are not unusual during practice.

Jerome Couplin almost had the play of the day. Sanchez threw an intermediate/deep pass that was off target from his wide receiver and Couplin dove to pick it off. Except he dropped it. Nice effort, at least.

• Rookie inside linebacker Jordan Hicks made an incredible effort to break up a pass. After trailing Eric Tomlinson in coverage, Hicks showed great recovery speed and jumped high to nearly pick off a Tebow pass. Hicks showed some of that athleticism in the spring as well.

G.J. Kinne caught a pass. He's the best. Literally.

• Bradford recap: Not his best day, but not his worst. Looked rusty. Needs to work on timing issues and chemistry with his wide receivers. Thankfully for him he still has time to work things out since it's only the first day of training camp. It seems telling that he got all of the first team reps. This clearly isn't a competition like the Michael Vick/Nick Foles battle in 2013 when starting reps were being split.

Up next: Right back at it tomorrow with another Eagles training camp practice starting at 11:30 AM ET. Stay tuned.