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Brandon Boykin slams Chip Kelly after being traded by the Eagles


Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With Chip Kelly having full control over the Eagles' player personnel department, there's no doubt it was his decision to trade Brandon Boykin to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday evening. Now that Boykin is gone, he had some thoughts to share on his former coach. According to Derrick Gunn of CSN Philly, Boykin said the following message in a text:

"The truth is Chip is uncomfortable around grown men of our culture. He can't relate, and that makes him uncomfortable, he likes to be in total control of everything. Players can excel when you naturally let them be who they are and in my experience that hasn't been important to him. I'm forever grateful to Mr. Lurie, Howie, my teammates, and fans of Philadelphia."

Those are strong words.

Boykin isn't the only former Eagles player to criticize Chip Kelly after leaving the team. Earlier this offseason, LeSean McCoy accused Kelly of getting rid of the "good black players" on the team. Former Eagles assistant coach Tra Thomas once said there are players who feel like there's a "hint of racism" in Philadelphia's locker room.

Kelly is set to speak with the media before training camp starts today. There's no doubt he'll be asked about Boykin's remarks.

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