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Jason Kelce has a hoagie named after him

Would you eat this?

If you thought Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce couldn't get much more popular, think again. Kelce recently had a hoagie named after him thanks to the help of Dietz & Waston. Here's what it looks like:

And here's a picture of him eating the sandwich:


More information via press release:

"On June 10, Dietz & Watson welcomed Jason Kelce to tour the facility in Philadelphia. While there, and with the help of Momma Dietz, Jason created his own signature sandwich with LOTS of delicious, premium Dietz & Watson items along with other fresh ingredients that make Dietz & Watson the Real Philly Deli company.  The creation is now aptly named; "The Jason Kelce Sandwich." Containing a full range of options of Dietz & Watson products, the "Jason Kelce Sandwich" reflects the hearty meat-filled hoagie only the beloved and massive Eagles Center could devise"

The sandwich made a debut at the PHS Pop-Up Beer Garden at 15th & South on Monday evening.

So ... what do you think? Would you eat this? Did Kelce do a good job?

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