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Sam Bradford played badminton to recover from ACL injury

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Cool factoid.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Peter King of The MMQB visited Philadelphia Eagles training camp last week, so he wrote a lot of interesting nuggets about the Birds in his latest column. One of the things that stood out was a note on Sam Bradford's recovery.

"One of Bradford’s big rehab practices was playing badminton without a net, with a doctor and athletic rehab specialist he’d just met, Bill Knowles, from Wayne, Pa.

"I don’t really know how to explain it," Bradford said, and then paused a few seconds, because what happened in June is not like anything he’d experienced in his rehabs from two ACL tears of the left knee.

"There’s standard rehab, where you have a sheet of what you have to accomplish every day in terms of exercise and rehab. Bill Knowles’ deal is, ‘Let’s play games.’ One day he said, ‘Let’s play badminton.’ We warmed up playing badminton. And then every day we were out here playing badminton. No net. He would hit it high and make me change directions and run. He throws all these PE games at you. You don’t think about it being rehab until you look and see the positions your body’s been in, and you think, That’s pretty close to the positions and movements you’ve got to make as a quarterback. I’m sure people up in the offices are looking out and wondering what in the world are they doing playing badminton? But, you know, you spend a year and a half doing the same exercises, and you get so tired of doing the same thing over and over, and [Knowles] came in and said, Let’s change it up—let’s play some games. I mean, I loved it. And that’s when I really felt the rehab took a big jump."

(Side note: BGN's Mark Saltveit spoke with Knowles earlier this offseason.)

Racquet sports: the key to an NFL player's recovery from a major injury. Who would have thought? Bradford has always been more of a ping pong guy, but I bet you he's pretty decent at badminton.

Based on what Chip Kelly said this past Friday, Bradford is set to make his Eagles debut this coming Saturday night when the Baltimore Ravens are in town.

Besides Bradford, King also wrote about Chip Kelly's comparison to Bill Belichick, Tim Tebow, and a lot more. Check it out.