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NFL Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings for 2015

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Fantasy Football Time! It’s time for another edition of ‘This Week In Fantasy’

The "This Week In Fantasy" crew is back for another episode!

Every week during the NFL season we will be jumping into: a bunch of different Fantasy Football news, who you should sit, who you should start, and who you need to grab off of the wavier wire

We really want everyone that plays Fantasy Football to get involved! Use the thread for all your fantasy questions & comments, use the hotline (1-267-245-6066) and we will put you on the air, but most importantly… bring some snacks, kick off your shoes, and enjoy.


00:00 - Introductions and Geno Smith’s jaw

4:20 - Don’t buy into all of the training camp reports

5:10 - First tier QB rankings: Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers and that's about it

6:40 - Second tier QB ranking debate: Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees, Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Eli Manning

8:52 - Eli Manning will never be drafted as a second tier guy but can always play like one, great value

10:09: Third tier QB ranking debate: Tom Brady (suspension), Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton, Ryan Tannehill. We have questions about all of them.

13:10 - Should you really be knocking Brady down to that 3rd tier because of the suspension?

14:27 - Cam Newton’s numbers keep going down

16:16 - There is one thing you can count on with Brady… he plays better when he’s mad.

18:40 - The 4th & 5th QB tier debate

20:53: Is Teddy Bridgewater really an upside play this year?

21:10 - Time to wash your hands of Jay Cutler?

24:28: There is no big difference in QB play in this final tier, take whoever you feel strongly about Carson Palmer is probably the only consistent one.

25:35: Sam Bradford has steal written all over him

28:01: Eagles QBs put up points and they aren’t being drafted

29:06: An Eli Manning + Sam Bradford QB duo is what your lineup needs

30:37: QBs you shouldn’t draft

36:19: Final thoughts: Let the draft come to you, don’t have a requirement for when you take a certain position


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