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Eagles News: Byron Maxwell and Josh Huff are helping each other get better

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/13/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles practice notes, August 12, 2015: Sam Bradford has a gun, but no legs - PhillyVoice
The Eagles' first preseason game is only four days away, and Sam Bradford has yet to make anything close to an athletic move with his legs through OTAs, minicamp, and the beginning of training camp. That would be 17 practices in total that have been open to the media. While he has come a long way in terms of mobility since he first took the field at the end of May, he still looks like he has a ways to go.

Running Diary: Eagles Practice Observations - Birds 24/7
Josh Huff and Byron Maxwell have been going at it all summer. On this play, Huff finds some room down the seam, hauls in a well-placed Sam Bradford dart and takes off. Maxwell compliments the receiver as he makes his way back to the sideline for giving him "late hands" meaning he did not give Maxwell any tells that the ball was coming his way until it was too late. They communicate like that after every play. "I tell him what I did to get to that point and he'll tell me what I can do better, and vice-versa," said Huff. "If he beats me on a route or beats me in press, I always ask where I could do better and he always gives me positive feedback." "Iron sharpens iron," said Maxwell. "In order for him to get ready and in order for me to get ready for Sunday, we've gotta help each other out here, right now.

Eagles Practice observations: Maxwell talks up Huff; How are the young linemen doing?; Parkey shaky - Inquirer
Josh Huff, by all practice appearances, continues to make steady progress. He had arguably his best workout of camp. Huff didn’t practice much on Tuesday and Nelson Agholor had a solid day in his place. But he was back in action a day later and seemed to pull in every catchable pass thrown in his direction. Huff has impressed with his body control on throws that haven’t been precise. Sam Bradford was a shade off on a pass in the back of the end zone during early 7 on 7 drills, but Huff made the reception look rather easy. His most impressive catch may have come when he beat CB Byron Maxwell inside on a go route out of the slot. Bradford hit him in stride and the athletic Huff was off to the races. Huff and Maxwell have squared off through most of camp. The veteran corner said that he’s tried to assure the second-year Huff that he has what it takes: "Just go and do it. Be who they think you are. Be who you think you are," Maxwell said he told Huff. "That’s really what I’m trying to get to him because he’s got all the tools. He can do it." I asked Maxwell if the short and stout Huff (5-11, 206) reminded him of any receivers he’s faced. He said that Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin had similar tendencies like being quick off the line and deceivingly strong. He also mentioned the recently-retired Steve Smith. "They’re little," Maxwell said. "They got a great mentality about them. They’re strong. They’re dogs."

Didinger: Pope Blessed The 1980 Team -
I'm sure people rolled their eyes when it was suggested that Pope Francis add a visit to the NovaCare Complex to his "to-do" list when he is in Philadelphia next month. Let's see, noon, bless Sam Bradford's knees, check. Yeah, like that could really happen. Well, don't laugh. There is a history linking the Vatican and the Eagles. Quarterbacks, in particular. In December 1980, Pope John Paul II blessed Papal medals for Ron Jaworski and Joe Pisarcik. One month later, the Eagles were in the Super Bowl.

Cooper says he hopes he isn't cause of Kelly's image problem - Daily News
THE ANSWER was brief, but it was delivered in a heartfelt tone, with eye contact toward the questioner. "I hope not," Riley Cooper said, after he was asked whether he thinks Chip Kelly's image problems started two years ago, when he kept Cooper in the wake of a controversy over a racial epithet captured on video. Cooper had paused for several minutes to talk to reporters about his former college roommate, Tim Tebow, and other matters, a rare occurrence in this camp - Cooper has avoided cameras and recorders. After the Kelly issue was raised, he ignored a follow-up question, about whether this was worrisome to him, and walked away. Clearly, this is not a topic Cooper relishes discussing.

Jerome Couplin confident in quick return from appendectomy - CSN Philly
It began as a stomach ache and it ended on the operating table. Jerome Couplin’s bid to make the Eagles this summer hit a temporary roadblock when he was diagnosed early last week with appendicitis.

Receivers on the Rise - Iggles Blitz
I can’t recall the Eagles having a young trio of receivers like Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff and Nelson Agholor. You have a 2nd round pick, 3rd round pick and 1st round pick. All three have a good combination of size and speed. All three are tough, hard-nosed and willing to block. Matthews has established himself as a good NFL player. Huff showed flashes of real talent last year, but remains unproven. Agholor is a rookie and we have yet to see him in action. The practice reports for Huff and Agholor are encouraging.

NFL, Tom Brady wrap up DeflateGate settlement talks for the day - SB Nation
The DeflateGate saga is expected to continue after Tom Brady and the NFL wrapped up their day in court with Judge Richard Berman's chambers Wednesday.

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