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Eagles News: Sam Bradford looks healthy and hasn't missed a practice rep

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/11/15.

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Let's get to the links...

How do the new Eagles look: Defense edition - PhillyVoice
Eric Rowe: Rowe has had a few nice moments. He had a close-range INT in minicamp, and an impressive diving pass breakup in Sunday's practice. He has certainly flashed athleticism at times, and the Eagles have spoken well of his intelligence. I would have liked to have seen Rowe make more plays than he has so far, but he has not stood out in a negative way either, which is especially good considering he has played against the first and second team offense.

10 things I've learned about Sam Bradford during Eagles' training camp -
It shouldn't be taken for granted that Bradford looks to be 100% healthy. Coming off of back-to-back season-ending ACL injuries, Bradford has been in for every snap of every practice, and has shown no signs of injury while doing so.

Passing the Torch At Birds 24/7 - Birds 24/7
That's the backstory. The news is that this is my final post at Birds 24/7. I'm moving on to pursue another opportunity - one that doesn't involve writing about the Eagles.

More on the Nickel Situation - Iggles Blitz
Were the Eagles foolish for dealing Boykin with a rookie, unproven second year player and journeyman veteran as the key replacement options? This is a matter of opinion, but I don’t think so. This isn’t a case of the Eagles trying to force a player into the Nickel spot. They thought Shepherd looked natural in there and took a long look at him there in the spring. Had he struggled, Boykin would probably still be an Eagle.

The Big Question: What To Watch On Sunday -
I'm going to throw another name/position out there. How much better does Marcus Smith look in his second season? The third outside linebacker role is an important one. Talk to players and they consider the position akin to a starter. Veterans like Brad Jones, Bryan Braman and in certain packages Vinny Curry are good to have here, but I'm pulling for last year's first-round pick to find a niche in his second season.

Todd Herremans, Trent Cole seek Super Bowl shot with Indy - Daily News
The clock is ticking for Trent Cole and Todd Herremans, and they know it. The two ex-Eagles will turn 33 in October. They've been together for 10 seasons and logged a combined 269 regular-season starts since being taken 20 selections apart by the Eagles in the 2005 draft. Both have lived a pretty full NFL life, with few regrets, save one. They still don't have a Super Bowl ring.

Chip Kelly under major pressure – because of Chip Kelly - CSN Philly
For a private fellow who doesn’t seem to welcome attention, Chip Kelly sure is good at getting people to talk about him and write about him and pick apart his decisions. That’s the irony. If not for Chip Kelly, Chip Kelly’s life would be a lot less dramatic. No chance of that now. Kelly has made lots of decisions in the last few months, almost all of which have guaranteed that cameras and microphones and men with digital recorders and notepads will follow him around and ask him endless questions with every opportunity. That is Kelly’s doing. He picked this path.

Which NFL teams are most stable at quarterback? - Sports on Earth
Stability in the NFL is a coveted thing, especially at quarterback. Teams without a franchise quarterback are constantly searching for one, and teams that have a proven quarterback will do whatever they can to keep him. So which teams are most stable at QB? (Spoiler" The Eagles come in last)

10 Things I Think I Think | The MMQB with Peter King
I think instead of wondering if Chip Kelly is racist and can’t communicate with black players, we ought to wonder if maybe Kelly just doesn’t feel comfortable communicating with the type of players who think it’s appropriate to make such serious public accusations about a man after leaving his team. LeSean McCoy said Kelly got rid of all the good black players. Strangely, Kelly replaced McCoy with DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews—two pretty good players who are black. Cornerback Brandon Boykin, recently traded to Pittsburgh, made similar intimations about Kelly, saying the head coach was "uncomfortable with men of our culture." But Boykin had become expendable because the Eagles acquired five new cornerbacks this offseason: Byron Maxwell, Eric Rowe, JaCorey Shepherd, E.J. Biggers and Randall Evans. All five are, ahem…

Putting the Fantasy Sleeper to Bed " Grantland
Why Searching for Sleepers Is a Waste of Time in 2015 (bonus Zach Ertz mention).

Brett Favre tops the short list for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2016 - SB Nation
Terrell Owens: There are two ways you can choose to think about Owens. For some, he's the shredded buffoon doing push-ups in his driveway and playing for six different teams -- including an indoor football team. It's the end zone celebrations and celebrating on the star at Texas Stadium. Owens exemplifies most of what we loathe about the modern athlete. For others, he's one of the most productive wide receivers in NFL history. Despite all of his discrepancies, Owens produced. He's second in league history in receiving yards with 15,934; third in receiving touchdowns with 153; and sixth in receptions with 1,078. He starred in Super Bowl XXXIX, a losing effort, despite having ankle surgery a few weeks before the game. Unlike other recent receivers put into the hall, Owens shouldn't have to wait to get inducted.

Pre-order the Eagles Almanac 2015! - BGN
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