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Eagles player compares Sam Bradford to Aaron Rodgers

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Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Bradford has looked pretty good during Philadelphia Eagles training camp. After shaking off some rust in the first few days of practice, the 27-year-old quarterback has really settled into a groove lately. It seems like Eagles players are really starting to take notice. Left tackle Jason Peters had some very high praise for Bradford. Via Bob Grotz of

"It’s effortless," Peters said Saturday. "I mean, it shoots out of his hand like a cannon. The guy has an arm, man. We’ve just got to keep him clean and good things are going to happen this year."

"You’d have to compare the release to somebody like Aaron Rodgers’ release," Peters said. "The quickness. The decisiveness. That’s what I see. I played with him in the Pro Bowl. The quickness of him getting rid of the ball, that’s what I see."

Comparing Bradford to the reigning NFL MVP is obviously bold. The Eagles' oft-injured quarterback hasn't produced anywhere close that level. But Bradford's raw talent is hard to deny. He's been so impressive this summer, as highlighted in my practice notes from last week:

"Overall, Bradford had an outstanding day. Easily his best practice so far. The things that really stood out: his quick release, his laser accuracy, and his great decision making. This is a good first step."

Of course, looking great in practice is one thing. There's no real pressure and there's less risk of injury. Bradford's real test will come when the games start. Until then, there are some encouraging reasons for optimism.