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Eagles News: Josh Huff is showing improvement

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/10/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles practice notes, August 9, 2015: Josh Huff very active - PhillyVoice
Josh Huff had a very active day. He had a great over the head catch on a deep ball. Those catches look easier than they are. He also brought in an off-target pass over the middle, and had an impressive TD catch in the back of the end zone. Huff looks like a much better player than he did a year ago. There were times during 2014 training camp when he looked like a running back trying to play receiver. But his hands and his route running have come a long way.

Running Diary: Eagles Practice Observations - Birds 24/7
One-on-one time. Josh Huff tries to shake Byron Maxwell with a post-corner move but Maxwell has him blanketed and forces the incompletion. The former Seahawk definitely has some swagger to him. He hams it up afterwards, pointing to the fans in the corner of the end zone, who respond with a roar. It's a good sequence for the defensive backs. Nolan Carroll with some good coverage on Miles Austin. Jaylen Watkins follows with a pass breakup of a Sam Bradford ball intended for Nelson Agholor. Cory Undlin is loving it.

D-Line 'Nobodies' Making A Name -
‘The Nobodies’. That’s the name Fletcher Cox gave the Eagles’ defensive line last season after their standout performance against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving day. All the talk heading into the game was about the Cowboys’ offensive line, but the Eagles' young group up front just kept their heads down during the week of practice and dominated on gameday. Now, these Nobodies may have to change their name to ‘The Somebodies’ due to all of the credit they’ve been getting from the people around them to this point in Training Camp

Practice at The Linc - Iggles Blitz
Watkins took over for Shepherd as the top Nickelback. He and E.J. Biggers will compete for the job if Shepherd is out for an for an extended period. Watkins has the skill set to be good in the slot. You hope Shepherd is okay, but the Eagles have other options. We’ll get into this situation more once we know Shepherd’s MRI results.

Eagles' right guard competition could take a while to sort out - Inquirer
Sooner is always better than later when it comes to finalizing a training camp competition - especially on the offensive line. But the Eagles don't have that luxury at right guard, where four combatants have logged practice time through the first week of training camp. The team could say that means it has an abundance of talent from which to choose. Or to the contrary, it could mean the Eagles don't have a legitimate starter.

Eagles fans have absolutely no idea what they have in Sam Bradford - The 700 Level
Soooooooooo we’re really going with Sam Bradford, eh? A guy who last threw a touchdown pass to Dewey Eisenhower. I’m not complaining. I like Sam Bradford. So does my wife. She especially likes his cute little toboggan tush. But I’m just making sure that this is actually happening. That Sam Bradford -- two torn ACLs, career 79.3 passer rating, person who is not named Tim Tebow -- is really starting at quarterback for the Eagles. Because with all the talk this summer about Chip’s secret romance and Shady’s public butt bonanza, not too much has been said about Sam Bradford. So, Sam Bradford. Sam Bradford?

Eagles Mailbag: Which OLBs make the squad? -
This is a similar question to a previous mailbag I did. To reiterate, I don’t think Kelly is in any danger if he misses the playoffs. He has invested A LOT into this team and appears poised for a deep run.  A second consecutive season without postseason action will lay some firewood under his seat going into the offseason, which means he’ll start to feel the pressure in year four. If it gets to three straight seasons of no playoffs, that firewood will quickly start to catch a few sparks.

NFL Hall of Famer Frank Gifford dies at age 84 - SB Nation
Gifford's took the 1961 season off after Eagles linebacker Chuck Bednarik knocked him unconscious in a game the year before. He returned to the field in 1962, eventually retiring in 1964.  In 1977, Gifford was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Also a Hall of Famer, Bednarik died earlier this year in March at age 89.

Pre-order the Eagles Almanac 2015! - BGN
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