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Eagles' Mychal Kendricks says too many people tell him he looks like Drake

Do you see it?

Have you ever thought Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks looks a little like Drake? You aren't alone. TMZ recently caught with Kendricks at the airport and asked if he's gotten that comparison before. His response: "Too many people."

It doesn't seem to bother him too much, however. "Let's be real though ... I'll let them decide, you know what I mean?"

Kendricks went on to talk about the ongoing Drake versus Meek Mill beef. With Meek being from Philadelphia, Kendricks wondered aloud how Drake will be received in the City of Brotherly Love the next time he shows up:

"Meek is loved in Philly, bruh. He definitely runs Philly, like for sure. I wonder how it's going to be if Drake tries to come and perform there, you know what I mean?"

A fun twist here is that Drake used to date Rihanna, who once said she had a man crush on Kendricks. Kendricks also admitted to having a crush on Rihanna, though nothing has seemingly come of it.