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Eagles News: Sam Bradford is worth the risk

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/1/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Ranking the seven Eagles training camp battles - PhillyVoice
In my view, I think it'd be crazy to take Jordan Matthews off the field. The Eagles mostly stay in three wide receiver sets, and in those situations, expect Matthews to resume his role in the slot. However, when they go with two wides, Matthews should stay in and line up on the outside. I also expect Nelson Agholor to start Week 1, and produce immediately. He just looks like the real deal to me. So the real battle here is Josh Huff vs Riley Cooper vs Miles Austin. Huff has the most natural ability and explosion of the three, but he needs to refine some of the more nuanced aspects of the position. The Eagles would love to see Huff go out and earn more playing time, but they're not just going to hand it to him. Their opinion of Cooper is clearly far higher than yours is.

Sam Bradford is worth the risk for the Eagles - Daily News
Kelly was so convinced that Foles was not a viable NFL starter that he was willing to sacrifice a second-round pick and nearly $13 million in payroll space simply to get rid of him and take a chance with someone else, even if that someone else happened to be a guy coming off his second straight ACL-shortened season, who hasn't been all that good when healthy. If Kelly figured he had just as good a chance of winning a title with Mark Sanchez as with Nick Foles, then why keep both of them around? Why not at least take a look at somebody upon whom you haven't already rendered a definitive judgment? You can argue about the wisdom of the look they chose to take, given the actual cost in salary and draft value and the opportunity cost of whoever else might have warranted a shot. But however you feel about the price paid for Bradford, it is a pretty good indication of how little they valued Foles. And while the logic might seem bizarre, I think it works: The stranger you find the Bradford move, the more sensible it might have been to trade Foles, because it just goes to show how little they valued him.

Here's how the Eagles can win the NFC East - Sports on Earth
No team generated more headline fodder this offseason than Philadelphia. Can the Eagles, one season removed from a division crown, return to the top of the NFC East? Yes, but not without meeting certain benchmarks and getting a few breaks.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: OLB Training Camp Preview - Birds 24/7
We've addressed this question several times already, but it's a big one going into training camp. Smith was a first-round pick and barely played (68 total snaps) as a rookie. The start of his second season featured a groin injury that limited Smith in the spring. Late last August, Billy Davis said he'd know by the start of Year 2 whether there were serious concerns about Smith making it. He's in position to be a contributor as the No. 3 outside linebacker, but it'll be a big red flag if Smith can't hold off Travis Long for that spot. Smith has the length and athleticism the Eagles covet, and he seems like a willing worker. But nothing will be handed to him in his second season.

Making Sense of Chip Kelly's 'Unpredictable' Off-Season Moves - NBC Philadelphia
As football season approaches, Mark Saltveit stops in to share some insight on Chip Kelly's unpredictable off-season moves with the Eagles from his new book "Controlled Chaos."

Excitement is in the Air - Iggles Blitz
Bradford will have a lot of pressure to perform well. Because of his background at Oklahoma, playing in a fast-paced offense and getting the ball out quickly should come naturally to him. Next is decision-making. You want to see him getting the ball to the right receiver. Last year Nick Foles was trying to be perfect and that led to him holding the ball too long at times. Mark Sanchez got rid of the ball quickly, which meant every game there were wide open players running down the field screaming for the ball while a checkdown target was battling for a 4-yard gain.

Chip Kelly sees value in local fitness studio - About
Chip Kelly came to Philadelphia with a wealth of knowledge on sports science and sports medicine. Like any great mind, he is constantly on the search for the next big thing – something that can give him and his roster an advantage. That’s how he discovered Ploome. Located on Liberties Walk in Northern Liberties, Ploome is a ‘community-driven fitness and lifestyle boutique’ that promotes inspired movement and empowered living.

Eagles TE Zach Ertz's personal quest to be the best - CSN Philly
Randy Couture, the UFC legend whom Ertz trained with at Couture’s gym, planted the third-year tight end flat on his back during one workout. "I kind of just let it happen," Ertz recalled. "I wasn’t going to fight it at all."

Where Are They Now? DE N.D. Kalu -
N.D. Kalu’s rookie season with the Eagles in 1997 was, well, it didn’t go as he hoped it would. It was not, however, for a lack of trying. "I was doing some extra work after practice," recalled Kalu, a defensive end from Rice. "I was trying to do a rip move on another player who stayed after with me and I ended up breaking my thumb. And being a rookie and being underweight, I had to try to play and be effective with a thumb cast. It set me back. "But I’m not about excuses. I was given a lot of opportunities, especially as a fifth-round pick, but, yeah, (the injury) did stop my growth my rookie year."

Green Bay Packers financial report provides peek into NFL business | The MMQB with Peter King
The Packers’ annual financial report is the only public peek into the NFL’s books, and this year’s summary revealed some eye-popping numbers for a league battling crises at every turn.

Russell Wilson, Seahawks agree on extension - SB Nation
Wilson's rise from Day 2 draft pick to one of the game's top quarterbacks has been nothing short of amazing, and now he has the big payday to go with it.

Pre-order the Eagles Almanac 2015! - BGN
It's the moment you've all been waiting for: the Eagles Almanac 2015 is back. The Eagles Almanac features detailed analysis, essays, scouting, statistics, and more from your favorite writers and bloggers.

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