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DeAndre Jordan's time with the Mavericks has nothing on Frank Gore's era with the Eagles

DeAndre Jordan Frank Gore'd the Mavs.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles weren't the only professional sports team to be left at the altar by a free agent this year. The Dallas Mavericks can now say they feel their pain.

If you haven't been following the DeAndre Jordan saga, well, it's a crazy one. To recap: late last week, Jordan reportedly agreed to leave the Los Angeles Clippers and sign a max contract with the Dallas Mavericks. Yesterday, however, Clippers players actually traveled to Jordan's house to convince him to re-sign with Los Angeles and that's exactly what he did. It was all perfectly legal because Jordan never actually officially signed with the Mavericks; contracts couldn't become official until today, July 9.

The Eagles were obviously in a similar situation earlier this offseason. The team thought they had Frank Gore in the bag, but he got cold feet and decided to sign with the the Indianapolis Colts once he could officially sign a contract. The Eagles ended up with 2014 NFL leading rusher DeMarco Murray anyway, so things kind of worked out for them. The Mavericks are a lot more screwed in their situation.

Thus, the Frank Gore era in Philadelphia should be remembered more fondly. May he never be forgotten.

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