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Eagles News: Terrell Owens has some good advice for Donovan McNabb

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/9/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

A look ahead to the 2016 quarterback class: Jared Goff edition - PhillyVoice
Overall, I like Goff quite a bit, and I think the Eagles will too. This could be a first round guy if he continues to progress. Goff is definitely a player to keep a close eye on this season.

Terrell Owens: Donovan McNabb Needs Help - TMZ
TMZ Sports spoke with T.O. who says the June 28th arrest should serve as a "wake up call" for the former Philadelphia Eagles star. "DUI is a very serious thing. The number of lives that have been lost from it are staggering. It's a blessing no one was hurt." Owens continued, "We may not still be playing, but we still serve as role models. You have to be more responsible." "Next time, call Uber."

DeMeco Ryans...and the woman behind the man - Daily News
One of the Eagles' unquestioned leaders learned a lot about hard work and persistence from his mother, an amazing woman.

Future Eagle? - Iggles Blitz
We talked a bit about the draft yesterday. I hate to do it again, but I have found a player that will definitely be picked by the Eagles. Book it. Kelby Brown. All-American ILB at Duke. Playmaker. Great student…currently working on graduate degree. Good frame at 6-2, 230. Plays on passing downs. Oh yeah…and just tore his ACL…giving him 4 ACL tears in 5 years. When the Eagles take him in the 4th round, Chip Kelly can say that without the ACL issues, this player would not have been around that long.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: What They See In Tobin, Barbre - Birds 24/7
"Just consistency," he said. "At times, I think Matt has played really well for us, but I think he needs to be more consistent and not just flash at times. I think he understands that. "Just staying in front of people. Don't get edged. Don't let someone run around you. Part of that has a lot to do with balance and body control, staying in front of somebody when your balance is in a position where you can move and transfer your weight. So that's been a real big part of it. And a lot of that has to do with your hips, the level of your hips. If you're standing straight, it's hard to change direction."

Season Preview: The Rematch In Dallas -
The Eagles will play on Thanksgiving again this year, but it won't be against the Dallas Cowboys. What a shame. The highlight of the Eagles' 2014 season came with the dismantling of their archrivals on a day that annually puts the Cowboys in the spotlight. The Eagles scored on touchdown drives of 80 and 88 yards in the first quarter to take a 14-0 lead and never looked back in the 33-10 rout. Mark Sanchez was 20 of 29 passing and accounted for three total touchdowns. Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's streak of 38 games with at least one touchdown pass ended.

Breaking down Byron Maxwell -
The NFC West matched up with the NFC East in 2014, meaning Maxwell got a sneak peak at what’s to come this season. The numbers show that he held his own against all of those who were opposite him. Below are a list of NFC East receivers who were lined up against Maxwell and had at least one target, according to Pro Football Focus.

RADIO WARS: The Full Story - Crossing Broad
Lots happened today, in bits and pieces. Pure chaos. Finger-pointing. Back-stabbing. Sources-sourcing. Radio silence. On-air awkwardness. So for those just tuning in, here is how it came to be that Tony Bruno left his show with Josh Innes and retired from radio.

The Return of Marcus Lattimore - SB Nation
Through his fame and connections in South Carolina, financially Marcus would likely have been able to hang it up then. He had taken out insurance against a catastrophic injury, and may have been able to drift into a comfortable life through any number of doors that open to a college football star in the South, particularly one as bright and charming as Marcus. But the game was his dream. He had a trio of goals in life: to get drafted into the NFL, to play in a Super Bowl, and to make the Pro Football Hall of Fame. If he quit now, he could say goodbye all three.

Pre-order the Eagles Almanac 2015! - BGN
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