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NFL players vote DeMarco Murray as 4th best player in the league

The final vote is in.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Do you think Philadelphia Eagles running back DeMarco is top five player in the NFL? One thing's for sure: his peers do.

The top 10 of the NFL Top 100 list, as voted on by actual players, was revealed on Wednesday night and Murray ranked at No. 4 overall. The 2014 NFL leading rusher finished as the top running back as well, with Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks checking in at No. 9. Last year, Murray ranked at No. 87 overall.

Earlier on Wednesday, Bleeding Green Nation accidentally ran with an erroneous report which indicated Murray was No. 8 overall. The exact number may have been wrong, but the gist hasn't changed:

"Murray earned his high ranking due to a stellar 2014 performance. He was the NFL's leading rusher with 1,845 yards on 392 attempts (4.7 average) and 13 touchdowns. He also contributed with 57 receptions for 416 yards to give him a total of 2,261 yards from scrimmage. Some will argue Murray was aided by high quality play from the Cowboys' offensive line, which isn't untrue, but Murray obviously deserves his fair share of credit as well.

There's no doubt about it: Murray was a huge reason why the Cowboys had so much success last season. The Dallas running game was so effective that it took a lot of pressure off of Tony Romo by requiring him to throw less. The run game also allowed the Cowboys to control the clock and hide their deficient defense. The Cowboys did not do much to replace Murray this offseason, so it's clear they have confidence in their offensive line. It remains to be seen if their gamble will pay off."

Here's a look at the final Top 10:

1) J.J. Watt, DE, Texans
2) Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers
3) Tom Brady, QB, Patriots
4) DeMarco Murray, RB, Eagles
5) Peyton Manning, QB, Broncos
6) Calvin Johnson, WR, Lions
7) Andrew Luck, QB, Colts
8) Antonio Brown, WR, Steelers
9) Marshawn Lynch, RB, Seahawks
10) Rob Gronkowski, TE, Patriots

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