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Eagles' 2016 Super Bowl odds have changed

Would you bet on the Eagles?

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Bovada recently released a new set of 2016 Super Bowl odds probably because, well, it's a slow time in the NFL right now. The last time they updated their odds was back in early May, prior to the conclusion of NFL spring workouts.

The Philadelphia Eagles last left off with the seventh best odds to win a championship. That hasn't changed. However, the Eagles' odds went from being more favorable at 18/1 to slightly less favorable at 20/1.

So what's the deal? Maybe people are slightly concerned with the fact Sam Bradford isn't a full participant in practice yet. Otherwise, I'm not sure why these odds changed following Philadelphia's offseason workouts. I mean, didn't they hear that Byron Maxwell guaranteed the Eagles are going to make the Super Bowl?

The six teams that rank ahead of the Eagles include: (Green Bay Packers 6/1), Seattle Seahawks (13/2), Indianapolis Colts (8/1), New England Patriots (9/1), Dallas Cowboys (10/1), and Denver Broncos (12/1). The Packers jumped ahead of the Seahawks to No. 1 and the Patriots dropped back to No. 4 in these updated odds.

While the Eagles rank behind the Cowboys, Philly is still above the New York Giants at 28/1 and Washington at 125/1. Both of these team's odds also got worse since last time; the G-Men were previously 25/1 and Washington was 100/1.

This is what I previously wrote about the Eagles' odds:

"If I was a betting man, I don't think I'd bother placing a wager on the Eagles. They're really just too tough to figure out at this point. The teams have gone through so many changes this offseason, with the most significant one being the addition of Sam Bradford under center. I have no idea what this Eagles team is going to be like. That can be both fun and unnerving.

Philadelphia's 2015 squad has a lot to prove. Having the seventh overall best Super Bowl odds seems surprisingly good for a team with so many question marks."

I feel the same way now as I do then. The Eagles had a good spring because, most importantly, they suffered no major injuries. Bradford's health remains a major question mark moving forward but he did show some flashes during practice. He also said he expects to be ready by training camp, so that's a good sign for the team.

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