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Matt Barkley trade rumors indicate Tim Tebow has good shot of making Eagles roster

Let's talk about backup quarterbacks.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It really doesn't seem likely that Matt Barkley will make the Eagles' final roster this year. A recent report from Jimmy Kempski of PhillyVoice indicates Barkley is still available for trade.

"Matt Barkley still available for not a lot, I'm told. Not that this is news."

Jimmy's right; this isn't really news. Rumors of Barkley's availability can be traced all the way back to last August. The Eagles also reportedly tried to trade Barkley before signing Tim Tebow earlier this offseason. It's clear the team is willing to move on, but they would like to get at least something in return for him. The problem for the Eagles is that Barkley has almost no trade value, if any.

Barkley has clearly been a disappointment for Philadelphia. The team was once high on him; it actually traded up to get the USC passer with the first pick of the fourth round in the 2013 NFL Draft. Since then, however, Barkley has spent most of the last two seasons inactive on game day. He's attempted 50 passes in four games for zero touchdowns, four interceptions, and 300 yards. The Eagles declined to play Barkley in a meaningless Week 17 game against the Giants last season, instead opting to start Mark Sanchez.

The Eagles being down on Barkley is obviously great news for Tebow. Despite being out of the league for two years and struggling this spring, Tebow has a real shot to make Philadelphia's final roster. Even Eagles outside linebacker Brandon Graham recently said Tebow "is going to shock a lot of people because he’s going to make the team."

Whether Tebow actually plays out or not is a different story. The Eagles typically only keep two quarterbacks active on game day. Then again, a report from earlier this offseason indicated Chip Kelly will experiment with Tebow in different packages.

All of this is good news for the many people who bought Tebow jerseys this offseason.

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