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Nelson Agholor is ready to improve during Eagles training camp

The Eagles' first round rookie could turn some heads this summer.

Rookie wideout Nelson Agholor hasn't been an Eagle long, but he's already made a strong impression. He looked surprisingly fast during OTAs, and has already displayed the kind of sterling character the Eagles are looking for in their players.

With training camp only a few days away, Agholor talked with Joe DeCamara on 97.5 The Fanatic Wednesday evening to talk about his preparation for the season. And though he hasn't even taken his first NFL snap, Agholor is already speaking in Chipisms.

"I am looking forward to getting better every day and also learning from little mistakes, really quick though," Agholor said. "You have to have a sense of urgency about your bounce back right now. Because it’s training camp, you are closer to the first pieces; you're closer to the first regular season game. Less room for error, but at the end of the day don’t be afraid of that error, because if you learn from it quicker, in Week 4 it doesn’t happen again. So that's how I look at it.

"I am not trying to jump in and say I am just going to dominate right off the bat; I am looking forward to taking that continuous growth and that  progression that I have talked about since I’ve started playing because it’s been my formula. It’s helped to get me to where I am."

Like Jordan Matthews before him, Agholor's formula incorporates off-the-field elements as well. During the NFLPA rookie premier, he endeared himself to fans by saying his biggest goal for the upcoming season is to be a good person. It's the sort of team-first mentality that has fueled the #culture discussion, and carries over into Agholor's expectations for the season.

"I hope by Week 1 I am a better man and player than I am right now…that’s all I hope," he said. "I don’t have any expectations in terms of statistics or game impact. I just hope that I am comfortable and playing the game at high level. And I am also just preparing to help my teammates get up and also prepared to make the plays coming my way."

When asked how he felt he was picking up the offense, Agholor conceded that there was still work to be done, but it doesn't sound like Eagles fans should be too concerned.

"[The offense is] complicated to those who don’t put in the time and I am still growing in it," he said. "I am still trying to put in as much time as possible to get better at it."

On Wednesday night Agholor spoke with members of the media during Brent Celek's Take Flight Foundation fundraiser, and said he recently practiced with quarterback Sam Bradford, whom Agholor said is "moving great."

Listen to the entire Agholor interview here:

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