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Eagles player says Tim Tebow is going to shock people because he's going to make the team and play a lot

Well, then.

Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Brandon Graham recently sat down with Radio One Detroit Sports Editor Lauren Beasley for an interview. Graham is usually a good interview since he's open and honest, so definitely watch the whole thing. One of the most interesting parts of the video involves ... you guessed it ... Tim Tebow. Check out the following quote near the 6:50 mark:

"Tim Tebow is going to shock a lot of people because he’s going to make the team. I think he’ll play a lot."

Now, Graham obviously isn't the one making final roster decisions, but that seems like a pretty definitive statement. It's also worth noting Graham brought up Tebow's name completely unprompted. Graham was merely responding to a question about expectations for the team this upcoming season.

Tebow currently appears to be behind Matt Barkley in the battle for the third quarterback spot. Barkley definitely looked better than Tebow this spring. However, the organization has shown willingness to move on from Barkley in the past. There's always a chance Tebow could turn things around this summer and earn a roster spot. While I doubt Tebow will "play a lot" as Graham suggested, perhaps the Eagles have some packages in store for him. Or maybe Graham is just being nice. Who knows.

Beyond the Tebow madness, Graham also touched on: his tough career path to this point, how Chip Kelly helped him get his mind right, the Detroit Lions game on Thanksgiving, and more.

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