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Eagles' Tim Tebow is making Byron Maxwell a better catcher

Context is important.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow really struggled during the Philadelphia Eagles' spring practices. His accuracy was shaky at best and he often took a long time to throw the ball. Despite his apparent downfalls, at least one Eagles player believes the quarterback is helping the team improve. Allow Byron Maxwell to explain, via an interview with NFL Network:

"... Tebow, he's really forcing me to learn how to catch the ball because he throws left-handed. So he's really making me a better catcher when I go and try to get some individual time with him."

Maxwell also briefly touched on some of the other Eagles quarterbacks. Sam Bradford "can really spin that thing," he says.

Based on the headline of this post (clickbait!), you may have thought Tebow is making Maxwell a better catcher because the quarterback is throwing so many interceptions in practice. But that isn't necessarily the case. The truth is that Maxwell actually doesn't face Tebow a lot in practice because the first string defense isn't really going up against the third/fourth team offense.

When Maxwell does face up against Tebow is when the Eagles do some position-specific drills. Instead of working exclusively with the defensive back group, the Eagles pull Maxwell aside to catch some passes from the quarterbacks.

So now you know who partially deserves some credit when Maxwell makes a tough interception this year: TEBOW!!!

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