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Tom Brady DeflateGate suspension is upheld, which is unfortunate for the Eagles

There still might be some hope, however.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Tom Brady's four-game suspension for his involvement in the New England Patriots' DeflateGate scandal has been upheld by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, according to an official release. Brady's appeal was denied.

Believe it or not, this decision has an (indirect) impact on the Philadelphia Eagles. You see, the Patriots are scheduled to play the Cowboys in a Week 5 matchup this season. With New England having a Week 4 bye, Brady will be forced to serve the fourth and final game of his suspension by sitting out against Dallas. Lucky break for the Cowboys, who will instead face second-year passer Jimmy Garoppolo.

Then again, there's still a chance Brady could play in the Cowboys game. It seems likely Brady and the NFLPA will try to get the suspension overturned in federal court.

If the suspension holds up, however, it's a not so lucky break for the Eagles. Philadelphia would have potentially benefited from Brady playing against the Cowboys. It's also a bit of bad luck that the Eagles didn't end up playing against the Patriots in the season's opening kickoff game. The NFL schedule makers gave that matchup to the Steelers instead.

The Eagles will play the Patriots in Week 13 this year. Brady will obviously back in time for that one.

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