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Eagles' Jordan Matthews is Poised for a Big Season

In search for Fantasy value,'s Matt Harmon surmises that Jordan Matthews is in line for a big year on paper.

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There is a line that is drawn between what makes a good fantasy player and what makes a good NFL player, but often that line is breached when entering the realms of the highly productive. After a very successful rookie year, Matt Harmon says that Jordan Matthews is poised for a big time sophomore season.

"As a part of the Chip Kelly turnover, the newly minted personnel overseer allowed the team's number-one receiver from 2014 walk out the door. Consequently, 143 targets were vacated when Jeremy Maclin left in free agency. Matthews already soaked up 103 as a rookie, but he could certainly absorb a portion of Maclin's looks. Rookie addition Nelson Agholor is going to eat plenty of those targets, as he'll play the role Maclin held, but Matthews should be the priority as the more established player. Additionally, someone needs to snake some of Riley Cooper's 95 targets from a season ago. The sophomore receiver is also the type to make good on his chances; much more so than the other Eagles' 2014 receivers. Matthews caught 65 percent of the targets sent his way, while the rest of the group collectively averaged a 59 percent catch rate. His efficiency speaks to both the role Kelly has created for him, and his own reliability as a player."

As stated, there are not only a ton of targets to go around, but Matthews has the best skill set to collect them. Harmon also makes a point of Matthews' tremendous ability as a slot receiver and how valuable that role is in this offense.

Regardless if Matthews is on your fantasy team or the back of the jersey you just bought, the second year player is on his way to a big, big year in Philadelphia.

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