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Watch Eagles linebacker Bryan Braman suplex the crap out of someone

This guy is really something.

Eagles linebacker Bryan Braman is an interesting character.

He made a memorable first impression during his introductory press conference in Philadelphia last year when he said his special teams mentality is: "Kill, maim, destroy." Braman went on to have a great season for the Eagles. He recorded six special teams tackle and also blocked a punt. The Eagles rewarded Braman's efforts with a one-year contract extension following the season.

VICE Sports recently profiled Braman and he talked about his journey to the NFL, his special teams mentality, and his adorable daughter. Watch the full interview in the video above this post.

Some of the highlights include Braman suplexing the crap out of a dude during a high school game (starting near the 1:17 mark). Braman also told a great story about how he came to love special teams:

"The first time I went to practice and went to practice I got drilled. It was the first kickoff return I ever took out. I caught the ball and I started running and I mean he smashed me. Just totally destroyed me. Bell was ringing, I'm seeing stars, and I was just like ... he can do that?! You can hit somebody like that?! And from that moment on I was like 'Oh yeah, I'm smashing people now. Nobody's getting away from me after this.'"

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