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Chip Kelly used to be married, and his ex-wife supports the Eagles

You learn something new every day.

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It's long been said that Chip Kelly doesn't have a wife or kids. That much is still true. But as it turns out, the football-obsessed Kelly was actually married at one point. Who knew?

Kent Babb of the Washington Post recently interviewed Kelly's ex-wife, Jennifer Jenkins, for an interesting profile on the Eagles coach. It's no secret that Kelly is a private man, and Jenkins doesn't reveal a whole lot of new information, but it's still pretty interesting. Go check it out. Here's a clip:

"As for the marriage, the years had simply come and gone in New Hampshire, Kelly an assistant on his mentor Bill Bowes’s staff and Jenkins working at the university. They lived in Durham for a while, and then Kelly took a coaching job at Johns Hopkins, moving to Baltimore for one year while Jenkins remained in New Hampshire.

Kelly rejoined Bowes’s staff yet again in 1994, and four years later he and Jenkins had begun to drift apart. They were no longer living together, and in 1999 they divorced.

Football, as the most important thing in Kelly’s life, was a strain, Jenkins admits. But the game cannot be blamed for the demise of their marriage. Like many other things in Kelly’s seemingly complicated life, reality was simple: For a long time they were happy, and then after a while, they weren’t.

"It wasn’t his fault because he was focused on football," she said. "That’s just not the way we’ve ever — that’s not it. That’s not what happened."

She took a breath.

"We were just young," she said, preferring to keep the details to herself."

It seems like the marriage ended on relatively good terms. Jenkins said she still communicates with Kelly and she also supports the Eagles because of him. Neither Kelly nor Jenkins have re-married since their divorce, but Kelly does have seemingly have a new girlfriend.

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