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Philadelphia Eagles have the tallest roster in the NFL

Here's the average height and weight of every NFL team.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly wasn't joking around when he said he believes "big people beat up little people." After calculating the average height and weight of every team in the NFL for a piece in the Eagles Almanac, I have found the Philadelphia Eagles have the NFL's tallest roster. Here's a look in chart form:

The Eagles just barely lead the league at an average of 74.41 inches. That's over 6-2. Last year the Eagles ranked fourth overall at around 74.13 inches. Here's a look at all the teams:

Eagles 74.41
Vikings 74.40
Jets 74.40
49ers 74.39
Dolphins 74.35
Giants 74.28
Steelers 74.21
Jaguars 74.21
Texans 74.20
Bears 74.19
Cardinals 74.19
Ravens 74.19
Raiders 74.15
Bengals 74.12
Cowboys 74.11
Panthers 74.10
Titans 74.09
Saints 74.09
Bills 74.08
Seahawks 74.03
Chiefs 73.98
Colts 73.96
Lions 73.94
Chargers 73.93
Packers 73.93
Patriots 73.92
Broncos 73.88
Buccaneers 73.81
Falcons 73.77
Rams 73.73
Browns 73.67
Redskins 73.59

Now let's take a look at weights. Last year the Eagles ranked ninth at 246.7 pounds. This year the Eagles increased their average weight to 247.1 pounds, but their ranking dropped to 14th overall.

And now for the data chart:

Colts 250.74
Panthers 250.26
Giants 250.00
Ravens 249.63
Jets 249.45
Packers 248.70
Dolphins 248.35
Titans 248.06
Bengals 247.84
Patriots 247.77
Texans 247.37
Seahawks 247.34
49ers 247.17
Eagles 247.10
Steelers 246.54
Saints 246.52
Vikings 246.44
Chargers 246.20
Broncos 245.93
Bills 245.91
Redskins 245.36
Lions 245.33
Cardinals 244.98
Falcons 244.79
Cowboys 244.63
Chiefs 244.28
Bears 243.96
Jaguars 243.75
Raiders 243.67
Browns 243.25
Buccaneers 242.61
Rams 242.30


• The difference between the tallest team (Eagles) and shortest team (Washington) is less than a full inch: 0.82.

• The difference between the heaviest team (Colts) and the lightest team (Rams) is 8.44 pounds.

• None of the bottom five teams in height or weight had a winning record last season. In fact, some of them were among the worst teams.

• Once again, don't forget to check out the Eagles Almanac!

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