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Police officers who detained former Eagles safety Nate Allen have been punished

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Four Florida police officers who falsely detained former Philadelphia Eagles safety Nate Allen earlier this year have been punished, according to a report from News-Press.

Allen, who signed a big contract with the Oakland Raiders this offseason, was wrongly accused of indecent exposure in an accident that took place back in February. Allen's name was later cleared, but he felt the damage had already been done from an embarrassment standpoint.

Here are the punishments for the police officers, per ProFootballTalk:

'As a result, the department found that four officers failed to adequately investigate the alleged crime and failed to properly interpret the statutes. Sgt. Jacqueline Garret was suspended for a week, detective Audenia Thomas was suspended for three days, officer Gloria Machado must undergo counseling and Rebecca Milhoan, who resigned as a police officer in May, received a written reprimand."

Allen is reportedly scheduled to address the punishments and any further legal action during a Friday press conference at 10 AM.

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