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Eagles' Josh Huff shuts down a Cowboys fan, takes a jab at Cole Beasley

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Josh Huff was having a quiet, peaceful night on Twitter. He tweeted the following message:

But then a Dallas Cowboys fan felt the need to get involved. A fan who, for some reason, felt the need to tell Huff that Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley is a better than him. Huff was quick to set the facts straight, while taking a little jab at Beasley along the way:

The Cowboys fan could have walked away at this point, but he didn't. Instead, he posted a picture of Dez Bryant celebrating a touchdown he scored against the Eagles. Once again, Huff pointed out the flaw in the argument being made by the Cowboys fan. Huff also took another swipe at Beasley:

Game, set, match.

As a reminder, the Eagles first play the Cowboys in Week 2 this year. The season really can't get here soon enough.